Unary Protocol Thread starts...when?


When does the Unary Protocol Thread start up? Is it when I save an automation that uses a trigger or action that is linked to an app (say Jabber) that is using a Unary Protocol Thread module? Does that mean the thread is always running?

I’m interested in this in connection to my question about Salesforce polling (Normal Polling / Salesforce Chat?); from my viewpoint, it only makes sense to start the thread when a chat session has begun.

Sorry for the bother, I think I’m not getting something. Thank you in advance for your response.


Please take time to read this guide, the answer is on page 104 and is even listed in the index: https://apiant.com/docs/APIANT_Assembly_Editor_Guide.pdf

OK, thanks for pointing that page out to me. I knew it was in there, I just wanted to interact with someone about it, I think.