Forms - dynamic population of multiselect

Looking to use the forms to create a trigger that initially pulls a data set, then uses that data to populate either a picklist (if it can be multiselect) or a multiselect list. from what i can see the picklist looks single select and the multiselect cant be dynamically populated

Ouch, you hit a bug. The bug was that the rendered list of mapped values in the Multi-Select List control were not made visible.

So indeed you can data-map an array of values into the Multi-Select List.

Have patched your system with a fix. To activate the fix, you need to clear your browser cache, reload the automation editor, edit the form and remove & replace the existing Multi-Select List control, and data map the array as input (if the control name changed, which usually happens automatically when you replace an item).

Let us know if you still can’t get it to work!

i think im still missing something. so when i add the new multiselect list, I assume I go to the items to map the array in like so

But in that area, the previous field doesnt show up. it just seems like i can only type text into the values.

any ideas?

Don’t enter any values there in your screenshot. Instead, in the “await form submission” action, after you refresh its fields the name of the multi-select list will be there. Map an array of values as its input.

Mapped inputs work for form actions, not form triggers.

think im still missing something here. so end game, i want the to embed a form into a page. the user has two drop downs on that form, one is a static list of 5 items that i can set in the form, the other is a dynamic muiltiselect list that i have to retrieve the values to populate from.

what i THINK i need to do is create a form as the trigger, embed that, then await submission, retrieve the list i need to populate from and map that into a create form action. then once they submit that, i will have a single value for the static list and one or more values from the second list (i assume that could be returned as an array.

am i on track or missing something here?

You are correct in everything you stated!