Xml node name handling - prefix/suffix

random question. does apiant automatically append an A to the beginning or a B to the end of a node or attribute to make it a valid value? for example, if using the csv to xml module and the csv file contained a space at the beginning of the column name, say " Column", would the value automatically become “A_Column”?

Im seeing some thing with the data and want to confirm im not crazy

That’s correct, whenever the system is asked to create a new XML node if the node name is not valid the system will auto-correct the name.

This behavior can also happen in the conversion of JSON to XML.

This behavior does not happen, however, when an XML string is parsed. The system cannot fix malformed XML as a whole.

thanks. just wanted to confirm. i have noticed recently a few times that there appeared to be an A prefix or B suffix appended when json or csv to xml.