Window auto scrolls

Not sure if it is a just me issue or what but on the dashboard, if the list of active/inactive automations is longer than the visible page, and you attempt to scroll down, it will automatically jump back to the top of the page. I try to get to the bottom to access an inactive automation and i have to keep hitting page down while lining up my cursor and timing the click to get to what i need. Quite a pain. Not sure why it is doing it.

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Hmm, which account is that happening for?

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our main account, AVT Connect

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Not happening for me, which browser and OS are you using?

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Chrome Version 87.0.4280.141 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Window 10 Enterprise

It is something I have noticed for a decent while, just never bothered saying anything. I would say at least a few months

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Hmm, I cannot reproduce what you describe with Chrome on Windows 10.

I make my browser tall enough to cause scrolling and load that account’s dashboard. I scroll down to the bottom and can navigate the inactive automations via the arrows.

Any idea how I can reproduce the problem?

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it is intermittent with me so i will try to get a consistent timing and screen record or something to replicate it and get back to you

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Thanks! Please report any issues you encounter so we can try to help fix them.

While troubleshooting this issue I noticed Chrome on Windows was showing the horizontal scrollbar when it shouldn’t. Wasn’t happening on MacOS. Have patched your system to fix so it is hidden unless really needed:

We don’t normally test on Windows, so sometimes Windows-specific issues go unnoticed by us. Browsers are supposed to all work the same on all platforms, but they don’t always do that.

Hi robert, I was able to record it happening. if you watch you can see when i scroll down it just jumps back to the top of the page. I also tried manually grabbing the side bar and still jumped. hope this helps

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I still haven’t had it happen myself, but I don’t use Windows daily. I need to be able to reproduce it. At this point I am stumped. Does it only happen when you reach the very bottom of the scrollbars? What if you scroll down just a bit, is it still snapping back to the top?

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I will try to figure out the conditions to replicate it if i can and get you all the details. It is extremely intermittent and will appear and go away without any changes, no reboot, not even closing the browser. Just go do something else, come back and its working correctly.

Hopefully we can figure it out

My guess is that the dashboard contents are being refreshed when it happens, such that the content is redrawn which in turn causes the scrollbar to reset to the top.

had it happen again and had an idea that may be relevant. So when it happened I had ust turned off an automation to work on something. tried to scroll down and it kept jumping back up. i just zoomed out, worked around it for a bit and dealt with it. when i was done i turned it back on and noticed that when you turn on/off an automation the screen automatically jumps to the top. so i then tried to move down and it was back to normal.

tried turning a few back off/on to see if i could replicate but it didnt do it. not sure if it was coincidental or i was actually on to something. either way, just wanted to pass that along in case it helped.

Yes, thanks for the info. Will check the screen refresh logic that happens when automations are turned on/off.

I probably should have done this sooner, but have now added some browser trace code to help me figure out where the problem is happening.

If you clear your browser cache and reload the automation editor, you will get the patch. The javascript console in the browser will then log events when the dashboard loads.

If the scrolling issue happens again, then open the javascript console and let me know if events get logged each time the scrollbar resets to the top.

good idea. will do. thanks

automationEditor.lzx?lzt=object&lzr=dhtml&lzbacktrace=false:129024 Wed Feb 17 2021 12:39:55 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) doLoadDashboard()
automationEditor.lzx?lzt=object&lzr=dhtml&lzbacktrace=false:129054 Wed Feb 17 2021 12:39:55 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) doLoadDashboardAutomations()
2automationEditor.lzx?lzt=object&lzr=dhtml&lzbacktrace=false:129024 Wed Feb 17 2021 12:39:55 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) doLoadDashboard()

keeps repeating this over and over every second when it happens

Hmm, that helps but I was expecting some different output to help show me what is causing the dashboard to reload over and over.

I have added some additional trace info. Please clear your browser cache and reload. Then send another screenshot if it happens again.


Hi Brent,

I’m pretty sure this issue will be fixed in the upcoming system release. Was finally able to recreate the problem.

I can’t patch your system safely due to other code changes in the modified files.

The new release is probably about 2 weeks away. We are currently doing live testing of it on to ensure it is running smoothly.

Thanks for helping us to track it down!


No worries, I have been working around it for a few months. What is a couple more weeks.

Glad I was able to help.