V7.22 System Release

  1. The system now supports a mode where tenants all use the main system’s modules instead of each tenant having their own module implementations. The purpose of this mode is so that a single server can support a large number of tenants, such that system upgrades can complete quickly by just compiling a single set of module implementations.

  2. If a subroutine returns an error during execution, automation history now displays just the error message rather than an XML parsing error that included the error message.

  3. Lookup table data stored with keygroup names ending with “temp" are no longer purged after 60 days. Lookup table temporary keygroup names must begin with "temp” to be purged after 60 days.

  4. Fixed a rare null pointer exception that could occur in the VTD-XML parser.

  5. Refactored how OAuth API calls are made to enhance security.

  6. Other misc. platform changes to enhance security.