V7.20 Release 3-16-24

  1. When editing an automation’s instant trigger, the webhook URL now has a copy icon next to it that will copy the URL to the clipboard.

  2. Fixed an issue in the automation editor that was causing field mappings to become invalid after moving items around in certain ways.

  3. The system now supports automations that behave as web services (API endpoints). Like webhooks, external systems invoke automation web services via a URL and can pass query parameters and/or POST payloads. But unlike webhooks, web service automations can return an HTTP status code and a text response back to the caller. For more information, see Web Service - APIANT

  4. Fixed an issue introduced in the previous release where the app connection dialog’s list of existing connected accounts was not scrollable and was resized to be longer than the available screen height when many accounts were connected, making it impossible to add a new connection.

  5. The SFTP integration now supports private keys that are protected with a passphrase.

  6. Fixed a memory leak in the rate limiter implementation introduced in the previous release.

  7. The runtime behavior of Action Throttles (see Action Assemblies - APIANT) has been changed. If the throttle limit has been exceeded, the action now waits until the throttle limit is satisfied instead of the automation logging an error and halting execution.

  8. Action Throttles are now implemented using Hazelcast to work in a clustered server environment.

  9. Parent account app connections can now only be shared by checking a checkbox in the connection’s details dialog from the automation editor’s Connections screen.

  10. The system now supports rate limits per app connection such that all API calls can be rate limited. See Default Rate Limit - APIANT

  11. When saving an automation subroutine, the system now detects circular references such that the subroutine can’t be saved if it would create a circular chain of “execute subroutine” references.

  12. The form editor now includes a populated dropdown control and a populated multi-select control. Both populate their list of choices from a URL that returns XML. A provided XPath is evaluated to determine the nodes whose node text comprises the list.

  13. The form editor now includes a country picker control.

  14. Fixed a performance issue that would occur when making a high load of API calls for OAuth apps that don’t perform token refreshes.

  15. Fixed an issue that would cause automations using the “serialize automation execution” action to not process and hang in the work queue until manually halted.

  16. The form editor now includes a math CAPTCHA form element. When in a form the form cannot be submitted until the addition problem is solved (presumably by only a human).

  17. The form editor’s “File Upload” element now has an option to retain the name of the uploaded file, instead of always generating a random filename when saving on the server to avoid name collisions. If the same file exists on the server, it will be overwritten.

  18. Fixed an error with “doGetLinkableAccounts” that could sometimes happen in the admin console when linking a parent account to a child account.

  19. The “await form submission” action now lists all possible form elements that can be supplied input data. Previously form elements that where within radio button lines were not listed. Also, previously form elements that did not support input data were listed and are now not listed.

  20. The “await form submission” action now only emits mappable output fields for form elements that actually have output. Also, form elements within radio button lines are now listed, if they emit output.

  21. Fixed an issue where when connecting OAuth apps back-to-back, after connecting the first app subsequent apps would show the first app’s authorization screen until the browser cache was cleared.

  22. In the admin console’s Tenants screen, when creating a new tenant there is now a checkbox option to copy the keyvault from the root admin’s account to the new tenant.

  23. Added a Loop - Data Streams module that iterates through all input data streams and invokes the nested item with each data stream.

  24. The form editor now includes a rating scale (AKA Likert Scale) control. Both the statements down the left side and the ratings choices on top are configurable. The control emits an array of the selected rating choices.

  25. Fixed an issue with using the automation editor’s copy/paste from clipboard functionality across different systems, where when saving the pasted content the system would show a dialog to connect required apps but the list was empty.

  26. The OpenWeather API has been integrated.