V7.17 Release 7-1-23

  1. In the graphical automation history view, fixed an issue that was causing mapped fields to not appear in Conditionals and Loops when they were opened for inspection.

  2. When testing inline JSP code in the assembly editor, if the JSP code is executing and the “Cancel” button is used to cancel the assembly engine’s execution, the server now forcibly terminates the JSP. Previously the JSP would continue running on the server and may never have terminated if it was stuck in an endless loop.

  3. Improved performance when writing automation history data into Lucene as automations execute.

  4. In the admin console’s System Settings screen, when changes are made to “max threads” settings the changes now take effect immediately rather than requiring a system reboot to activate.

  5. Fixed assembly imports in the assembly editor so the import will now work when signed in to a tenant account.

  6. The system now buffers content to be written to automation logs, resulting in a 10x performance improvement for writing to automation logs.

  7. Significant performance improvements have been made to the automation execution engine. The improvements are most noticeable for large automations with many non-API actions or automations that process lots of data in loops via non-API actions. A test case that previously took 60 seconds now takes 10 seconds.

  8. The admin console’s Settings screen now has checkboxes to control various logging additivity. These settings take effect immediately after the settings are saved.

  9. Many modules have been renamed to help group similar modules together in the assembly editor’s catalog.

  10. Significant performance improvements have been made to Lookup Table assemblies and Transform Text assemblies by replacing inlined Java JSP code with native modules. The actions are 10x to 100x faster.

  11. The Text Truncate module can now optionally add ellipsis “…” to truncated text.

  12. The Text Functions module can now URL-encode values.

  13. Fixed issues with the Module API method _xpathGroupByParentNodes() Java implementation.

  14. Fixed the “write to server file” module so when run in the assembly editor the uploaded file will now be opened in a new browser tab/window.

  15. The admin console’s recently redesigned Automations screen can now find and retry errors across multiple automations in multiple accounts.

  16. Trigger and action settings in the graphical automation history view now show the name of the connected app account that was configured to be used.

  17. When exporting and importing automations and assemblies, or when publishing from dev to prod, the last saved version description text is now used for the imported automation or assembly instead of the system always using “Imported” as the version description.

  18. When saving an automation having an “await form submission” instant trigger, if the form has any “create form” actions the system will now force the trigger form’s “submit action” to be “next” so that the action form will appear.

  19. The performance of the “execute subroutine” action has been significantly improved by replacing multiple blocks of inlined JSP code with a single native module.

  20. In the automation graphical history view, when drilling into subroutines the “Details…” button is now clickable.

  21. In the automation graphical history view, when drilling into nested subroutines if the tab of the parent subroutine is selected and the same child subroutine is clicked again, the child subroutine’s tab is selected rather than a duplicate tab being created.

  22. Data-mappable action settings no longer display the list of fields popover when moused over. Instead a large “+” icon appears at their right. This is because for the majority of cases action settings are not data-mapped.

  23. When opening the graphical automation history view, when multiple errors are present the view now scrolls the last action error into view and opens its input/output data popover, rather than the first error.

  24. Fixed the dashboard search “execution history” functionality so it won’t sometimes skip automations that actually do have history entries matching the query.

  25. Fixed an issue where the database would not have subassembly references added when assemblies containing subassemblies were imported.