V7.15 Release 3-25-23

  1. Patched the UI library’s server-side code to hopefully avoid a hang that would sometimes occur and caused the UI to not be returned to the browser, causing a time out message to be displayed.

  2. The JSP files that result from use of the Server-Side Script module in assemblies are now only purged from the server’s filesystem when they are at least 5 minutes old, to avoid the possibility of the server deleting the file before it has been compiled and executed.

  3. Patched the VTD-XML library’s code so spurious error messages are no longer written to the server’s catalina.out file.

  4. The system now limits the number of threads used to concurrently prune automation logs to 20 instead of 50, in an effort to reduce filesystem load when automation history is pruned nightly.

  5. The UI library was patched with a change to how it deletes items that had registered themselves to track mouse movements. This primarily results in huge performance gains when closing assembly tabs in the assembly editor. For a test case with a dozen assembly tabs opened, closing an assembly diagram improved from over 13 seconds to 100 millis.

  6. In the admin console’s User Accounts screen, a new button has been added that will display all system access by the selected account. Includes any “switch account” access. The system access records will be populated going forward, does not include previous access.