V7.13 Release 1-21-23

  1. OpenAI (https://openai.com) is integrated with three actions, “generate image”, “generate text”, and “content moderation”.

  2. The Data Nodes - Rename Name-Value Pairs module now supports multiple value nodes per parent node. The most common scenario where this happens is when using an Action assembly as a module and the action emits multiple values (arrays) for output fields.

  3. In the assembly editor, when using the “find all automations using this item” right-click menu option on items in the catalog, automations and subroutines in the results list can now be clicked to view/edit them in a newly opened browser tab/window.

  4. In the assembly editor, when using “find” right-click menu options on catalog items, after the find results are closed the catalog now returns to its original scroll position rather than being reset to the top.

  5. In the automation editor dashboard, if the account has a subscription plan and that plan has a limit on tasks such that the “total tasks” limit is displayed, when the task limit link is clicked the Task History dialog that appears now has a switch that can be used to view daily or monthly task totals. The newly available monthly task totals go back as far as when the account was created.

  6. The system’s nightly database pruning logic now prunes data in the keyvalue table for automations that have been deleted for longer than 60 days.

  7. Fixed the “notify when done” functionality added in the previous release so that the email is delivered to the entered email address instead of to the system admin’s email.

  8. In the Admin Console’s subscription screen, the list of subscription plans is now searchable by name or id.

  9. Fixed an issue where publishing an automation having form triggers/actions from a development system to a production system would not update the corresponding form designs on the production system’s copy of the automation upon the 2nd and subsequent republishing.

  10. The system’s upgrade functionality can now rename and update the values of theme settings.

  11. The system now uses the latest available version of Hazelcast.