V7.11 Upgrade 11-19-22

  1. When a failed transaction is auto-retried by the system, if the automation is currently executing when the auto-retry is to occur the system now delays the retry by 1 minute in order to give the automation time to complete. Otherwise the retry would end up going into the work queue. This could cause growth of the work queue and slower system automation processing performance for long-running automations (e.g. those that take hours or days to complete) if lots of auto-retries were generated.

  2. Any data stored in Keyvalue Storage with a keygroup name that starts with “temp_” or ends with “_temp” is now purged from the database when it is 60 days old.

  3. Within action field mappings, under “System Values” have added “automation number” as a system-defined mappable field that will emit the current automation’s number.

  4. Fixed an issue that would cause files uploaded into File modules (e.g. File - CSV) in the assembly editor to sometimes be erased once a day.

  5. In the graphical automation history, when viewing action outputs if an output field has more than 5 array elements the UI now displays an array element number next to each element, to help identify which element values are being processed within loops. This only appears for newly processed data going forward.

  6. A Date Time Picker element had been added for forms. It can be used to select a single date, a single date & time, a date range, or a date & time range.

  7. A Signature element has been added for forms. It emits a URL to a temporary PNG file of the signature. The PNG file is removed from the server after 24 hours. The form automation should take action to save the PNG file, send as an email attachment, etc.

  8. A Multi-Select List element has been added for forms. It allows one or more values to be selected from a searchable list. An array of values can be mapped as input to define the list dynamically. Emits an array of selected values.

  9. When an account loads an assembly directly via a URL, if the assembly is private and the account has been granted shared access to the assembly the editor will now open the assembly instead of denying access.

  10. When saving a subroutine in the automation editor, the editor now validates that the Subroutine Output action is the final action and that multiple copies of that action don’t exist.

  11. When the work queue is locked in the admin console, now any automations performing processing within a loop will be immediately halted.

  12. The admin console’s System Settings screen now provides search functionality to find settings based on their displayed name.

  13. The admin console’s Work Queue screen now displays the current number and peak number of Java threads.

  14. Fixed an issue with converting JSON to XML where JSON containing unicode escape sequences for “<” and “>” characters would result in invalid XML.

  15. When an automation is deployed or when a template is installed, if the automation(s) contain account-specific webhook triggers the triggers can now be configured directly from the Initial Settings dialog when the automation is first turned on, without having to edit the automation and configure the triggers in the automation editor.

  16. In APIANT Inline when a template is installed, if the automation(s) contain account-specific webhook triggers the triggers can now be configured directly from the Initial Settings dialog, without having to edit the automation and configure the triggers in the automation editor.

  17. Added a File Download button element for forms. When clicked, the file at a specified URL is downloaded and given a specified filename. The URL can be mapped as dynamic input.

  18. When a file is uploaded with the File Upload form button, the uploaded file name is now displayed underneath the button.

  19. In the automation editor, when editing a subroutine and modifying the Subroutine Input fields, the automation editor now updates existing mapped Subroutine Input fields and also displays the fields in the diagram mapping view list.

  20. Fixed an issue where popovers in the automation editor would sometimes not appear in the correct horizontal positions after the subroutine catalog was opened.

  21. The password reset flow has been reworked so that instead of directly emailing a new password, the system now sends an email containing a link that must be opened to perform the password reset. Opening the link then resets the account with a temporary password and emails it.

  22. In the automation dashboard if an automation has a form trigger the “play” icon is now shown, which will open a new browser window/tab to the form. The “manage” gear menu option to open the form URL has been removed in favor of using the “play” icon.

  23. When the system deletes rows from the keyvalue database table, it now does so in 1000-row chunks in order to avoid potentially holding locks for long periods of time.

  24. A vertical space element has been added for forms.

  25. The form designer now opens to the full size of the browser window.

  26. The checkbox and radiobutton UI controls now only respond to clicks if the box/circle or the text to the right of the box/circle is clicked, rather than also responding to anywhere in the background of the control (which could stretch far past the expected area).

  27. Fixed a rare issue with the system’s work queue processing where sometimes items in the queue would not be processed even though the system had available work threads, causing the number of queued items to grow without bounds while at the same time the system was not processing items from the queue.

  28. Automations containing empty form designs can no longer be saved. The editor will highlight triggers/actions having empty form designs.

  29. Have enhanced the form editor so that a picklist is shown at the top (when enough horizontal space is available) that can be used to control the form’s last submitted message value which in turn controls the form’s submit behavior. If the last submitted text is manually edited, the picklist is updated accordingly.

  30. The form preview dialog now has a button that resizes the width of the form design to the most common cellphone browser width (412px).

  31. Subscription plan settings in the admin console are now searchable.

  32. Fixed a rare deadlock that could occur while automation logs were being ZIP’ed.

  33. When switched to another account in the automation editor, performing an action that opens the assembly editor will now cause the assembly editor to first switch into the same account.

  34. Triggers and actions in the automation editor have a new right-click menu option “Replace” that can be used to swap the item with a different trigger/action. Existing field mappings to the replaced item will be swapped with the new item, but output fields having different names will not be re-mapped.