V7.10 Upgrade 10-8-22

  1. The form designer now has a Submit Button element. If the design does not contain a submit button, the default submit button is used. Only a single Submit Button element can be used in a design.

  2. When the sysadmin imports a module or assembly via the assembly editor, the system now provides an option to import the item into all tenants in the system.

  3. When deploying automations, if an admin is switched into a parent account having linked children the dialog now displays a checkbox that can be used to display only linked child account or all accounts in the system.

  4. The Switch Account and Deploy to Accounts dialogs no longer fetch inactive accounts, which would sometimes cause scrolling to not work b/c inactive accounts were filtered from the fetched results and could result in too few accounts remaining that would not be enough onscreen to enable scrolling.

  5. Account management functionality no longer permits an account’s email address to be changed to a value that is already used by another account in the system.

  6. Made a significant performance improvement in a low-level method used throughout the system that reads text from an XML node in the VTD-XML parser. The test case improved loading a large amount of XML text from 500 millis to 15 millis. This change should have a noticeable performance improvement to the entire system.

  7. Added a “Parse CSV” action to the Transform Data app.

  8. The existing “halt data row processing” System action is renamed to “halt data row processing with error” and added a new “halt data row processing” System action that halts processing without causing an error.

  9. Added an “executed by automation (instant)” trigger to the System app. The main purpose is b/c form automations need to be turned on in order for form submissions to be processed. So if one automation needs to execute another automation that contains a form, this new trigger can be used so that the automation can be turned on without it using the no-op polling trigger that would poll and process over and over.

  10. Fixed the automation builder so that when an action is moved, it will now display its mappable fields popover when mapping fields from the diagram view.

  11. When mapping action fields in the diagram view, non-selectable actions that are grayed out will no longer display an empty popover of mappable fields.

  12. In the automation editor’s Connections screen, to view connection details use the “info” icon instead of the “eye” icon.