V7.03 Upgrade 3-11-22

  1. Triggers and actions now store their dynamic fields into the database’s keyvalue table as XML documents, rather than using individual data rows to describe each field. For systems that contain many automations with many triggers and actions having dynamic fields, the total number of rows stored in the keyvalue table will be dramatically reduced. A migration script will convert all existing dynamic fields in the keyvalue table. Dynamic field information is only used to build and edit automations, not for executing them.

  2. The system’s “Simple DB” has been renamed to “Keyvalue Storage”. Assembly editor modules have been renamed accordingly.

  3. The Human Interaction app has a new “await human moderation with timeout” action. If nobody moderates the item within the specified datetime, the specified default moderation result will be emitted.

  4. When an automation processes multiple trigger data rows the system now computes the automation’s expected completion time based on the average time to process the preceding data rows and displays the countdown in the automation history screen and also in the admin console’s Work Queue screen.

  5. When a subroutine is deployed to another account that is different from the account that owns the subroutine, when saving changes to the subroutine in the non-owner account the system will now save the change as expected, rather than reporting an error that the subroutine name already exists.

  6. When a folder is selected in the automation editor’s dashboard and a new automation is built, when saving the automation the UI now defaults the selected folder to the folder that was selected in the dashboard.

  7. Fixed the Transform Date Time “Modify and reformat date time” action so if the input value is the unix epoch (any value that represents 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z) then the specified formatting and conversion is applied correctly rather than “1970-01-01t00:00:00z” always being output.