V7.02 Upgrade 2-26-22

  1. In the graphical automation history, when opening a log if the log does not exist and if the system is configured to not write logs to Amazon S3 then an Amazon S3 exception no longer appears.

  2. In the automation editor when adding triggers and actions, if the app catalog is filtered by Connected apps the catalog now returns the correct list rather than an empty result. This was happening for all accounts other than the system admin account.

  3. In the automation history screens, snoozed transactions can now be cancelled, either all of them or individually in the same manner as they can be awakened. To cancel all, select “snoozed” from the filter dropdown at the top of the screen.

  4. When searching in the automation editor for action names, matching conditionals and loops are now included in the search results.

  5. In automation history, after clicking to view an errored transaction in the graphical automation view, the UI now auto-scrolls the errored action into view.

  6. In the graphical automation history view, when a condition is within two or more nested loops the condition will no longer display the count of executions down the true and false branches b/c the values only apply to the last iteration of the outer loop and there is seemingly no good way to display the counts for all loop iterations.