V6.57 Upgrade 2-28-21

  1. The “is valid email” conditional test’s logic has been revised so that valid emails previously computed to be invalid are now computed to be valid.

  2. Linked accounts can now be created in the Admin Console’s User Accounts screen. Select an account and click the new Create Linked Account button. Linked accounts show a link icon in the list. When a either a parent account or a linked account is accessed in the Automation Editor, a new Switch menu option appears in the account menu at the top right. A dialog will appear to switch among the linked accounts. App connections created in the parent account are shared with all child accounts and appear with [shared] appended to their names when configuring triggers and actions.

  3. The JSON Array Builder module now behaves like the JSON Builder module and will emit the generated JSON when an error occurs in the assembly editor, making it possible to troubleshoot malformed JSON after data has been substituted.

  4. The Extension - Server-Side Script module has been fixed for PHP code such that ARG replacements surrounded by single quotes now have single quotes within the substituted value escaped with a backslash. ARG replacements surrounded by double quotes now have double quotes within the substituted value escaped with a backslash as well.

  5. The entry fields in the JSON Builder and JSON Array Builder now default the code editor to the JSON syntax, rather than XML.

  6. Fixed an issue that sometimes occurred in the automation history screen where performing a search for a value in combination with a data range would not return results even though matching transactions are in the system.

  7. Improvements have been made to the automation work queue such that it is better able to utilize all configured processing threads when many automations are queued for execution.

  8. When a failed transaction is auto-retried, if the automation is running when the retry occurs the retry will now wait for the automation to complete before it is executed. Previously if the automation was running when the retry was executed the retry would fail to run b/c by default the system does not allow an automation to run concurrently.

  9. Fixed the “is valid email” conditional logic so email addresses containing domains longer than 7 characters are now considered to be valid.

  10. The system’s single setting for the maximum number of work queue threads has been replaced with four separate settings to define the maximum number of batch job, polling automation, webhook automation, and web service work threads. This provides more control over the allocation of work threads by the type of work, such that any single type of work can no longer consume all available work threads. This was mostly problematic for systems with a large number of polling automations, where no other type of work would be executed until all the queued polling automations completed and work threads became free, which could take minutes.

  11. The Dropbox integration has been updated so the OAuth access token is now refreshed.

  12. App connections can now be shared across multiple accounts within a tenant system or the main system. Shared app connections are those that are connected using the special “setup” account. The password to the “setup” account is the same as for the root “admin” account. App connections in the “setup” account appear when configuring trigger and actions in the automation editor with “(shared)” appended to the connection name.

  13. Modified the logic to fetch the automation history 2nd-level drilldown from Lucene such that the system can now paginate through many thousands of processed data rows without timing out or exhausting server memory.

  14. The Twilio send SMS action and subassembly have been updated to catch returned errors from their API.

  15. The automation builder has a new right-click menu option to open and close all groups.

  16. ActiveMQ is now configured to clean up unused message queues, which were previously orphaned when webhook automations were turned off or deleted.

  17. Fixed the automation dashboard so the horizontal scrollbar now only appears when really needed instead of always appearing when the vertical scrollbar appeared. Only happened on Windows.

  18. Automation history URL links are now correctly escaped.

  19. The functionality to select a default connection when a default connection is disconnected when multiple other connections exist in the app connection screen in the automation editor is now fixed so it works when multiple apps are connected.

  20. Fixed an issue with the System “execute automation” action that could result in multiple copies of the automation to execute concurrently with the “wait for completion” option was selected and when the executed automation took longer to complete than the system’s configured socket timeout setting.

  21. In the graphical automation history view, mapped fields now show their help info, if any is available, when moused over.

  22. Added an “emit fixed number of loop iterations” action to the Transform Data app.

  23. The Donor Perfect integration has been updated so all actions and triggers now throw error if the connected account is invalid, which can happen when the password is changed for the connected account.

  24. Added a Lookup Tables app with many actions for reading/writing/deleting values in the system’s database, plus actions for looking up information about countries and USA states.

  25. Added a “get automation folder” action to the System app that returns the name of the folder the automation is saved in within the dashboard.

  26. In the automation editor, if a field mapping search is performed and a highlighted action is edited such that its field mappings no longer contain a match, when the action is saved it will now be unhighlighted.

  27. In the automation editor, if the “find items mapped to this” option is performed for an action and a highlighted action is edited such that its field mappings no longer references the searched action, when the action is saved it will now be unhighlighted.

  28. The automation editor’s dashboard now displays a link icon next to child automations that are linked to parent automations in another account. The link icon is only displayed when switched into the account, e.g. for admins.

  29. Added a “compute hash” action to the Transform Data app, which applies a Base64, MD5, or SHA-1 hash to an input value.

  30. The System “execute automation” action can now select to run a linked parent account’s automation.

  31. When module dropdown controls have a wire connected in the assembly editor, then the wire is disconnected the dropdown control is now enabled rather than remaining in a disabled state.

  32. The automation editor now has a zoom slider for zooming out to see more of an automation’s diagram. When zoomed out, clicking an item will reset the zoom to 1:1 and also scroll the clicked item into view.

  33. The assembly editor now displays an error when diagrams are loaded or saved if any module is underneath another module and obscured from view. Diagrams cannot be saved with obscured modules because they can cause unexpected runtime execution issues.

  34. The System app’s “execute automation” action will no longer return an error when “wait to complete” is unchecked and the automation is executing when the action is invoked. Instead the execution of the automation will be queued and no error will be returned.

  35. Accounts having the Assembly Developer or Switch Account permissions can now access the “concurrency limit” menu option for polling automations. The menu option is found in the automation editor’s dashboard gear icon menu for automations, under Processing. This menu option was previously only available for webhook automations. The purpose of being able to set the concurrency limit for non-webhook automations is to allow the System “execute automation” action to be able to invoke an automation when the “wait for completion” option is disabled, such that a loop can cause multiple concurrent threads of processing to occur at once. So if a loop has 100 items to process by executing another automation, that automation can now be configured to process the items in parallel.

  36. Fixed an issue with the automation dashboard where it was auto-scrolling to the top of the screen every second under certain circumstances.

  37. The automation work queue is now able to keep all of the server’s configured automation processing threads saturated when under load. Previously the automation work queue was performing Java garbage collection periodically, which would lead to under-utilization of processing threads as garbage collection was performed (could take several seconds on a busy system). Now Java garbage collection is performed in a separate thread, which allows automations in the queue to be routed to processing threads without any delays.

  38. Fixed a runtime error that could occur in the Data Rows - Count Subnodes module.

  39. Searches done in the automation builder now have up/down arrows to select items in the search results. The currently selected item is highlighted green.

  40. The automation builder search functionality now supports searches for action settings. A setting name and value can be entered, case insensitive. Matches are done on any portion of the setting name or value. The setting name or value can also be empty, allowing searches for all settings regardless of their value, or for searches for all settings having a particular value.

  41. The automation builder search functionality is now available from the graphical automation history view. The search functionality is always displayed in the history view.