V6.50 Upgrade 5-17-20

  1. When editing the Transform Data’s “evaluate JavaScript expression” action, the JavaScript field now has a pencil icon that opens up a full-screen code editor that features syntax highlighting and code tips.

  2. The prior implementation of automation history has been removed from the system’s code and corresponding database tables (which are now empty) have been dropped.

  3. The XML Builder module has been fixed such when the “wrap all substituted VALs with CDATA” option is unchecked, all values containing both ampersands and either greater than or less than symbols are correctly escaped.

  4. After using the Switch Account functionality in the Automation Editor, two new menu items appear under the top right account menu for adding and viewing notes related to the account.

  5. Accounts with the “Switch Account” permission or the “Assembly Developer” permission will see a new “Open this assembly” menu option when clicking on trigger and action icons in the automation editor. The option opens a new browser tab to the trigger/action assembly in the assembly editor.

  6. In the Admin Console’s “User Accounts” screen, when managing an account the account’s password can now be reset to an entered value.

  7. Automation loops no longer execute if the selected action emits no array elements.

  8. All modules having conditional logic configured for “length equals” and a criteria of “0” (zero) will now evaluate to true if the xpath for the value does not select a data node. In other words, the absence of a value for “length equals zero” is now considered to be true. This same change in behavior is also applied to the “does not contain” operation, when the criteria is a non-empty value. The main motivation for this change is so that “does not exist” and “length equals zero” have the same meaning. This revised behavior also matches the behavior of Trigger Filters for automations.

  9. Fixed a regression where submodule drop areas within nestable modules in the assembly editor were not being highlighted and displaying “supported” and “not supported” messages when items were being dragged from the catalog.

  10. Action and trigger settings in the automation editor now utilize more horizontal space, rather than being in a rather narrow column.

  11. Action and trigger settings in the automation editor now have a “show template annotations” checkbox at the lower left that appears for accounts having the “Automation Templates” permission and when the action/trigger has configuration settings. Template annotation entry fields are now only visible when the checkbox is checked.

  12. In the Admin Console’s “System Settings” and “Subscription Plans” screens, the “Save” and “Activate Saved Changes” buttons have been combined into a single “Save and Activate” button.

  13. In the automation editor’s dashboard, the “manage stored data” menu option in the gear icon menu “processing” submenu is now always visible for accounts having necessary permissions. The manage stored data screen now includes data stored at the account level, rather than just automation-level data.

  14. The “manage data” and “two-way sync mappings” screens in the automation editor no longer time out after 30 seconds when loading data.

  15. Automation history is now searchable by error messages and error codes.

  16. In the automation editor’s dashboard gear icon menu, the “view database dump” option has been renamed to “dump automation data”. Also added a “dump account data” option that opens a new browser tab/window that displays account-level data stored in the database for automations.

  17. The “Editing Deployed Automation” warning that appears when editing a deployed automation no longer appears when a person who used the “switch account” functionality is editing the automation. The presumption is that this is a system admin or a support person who knows what they are doing.

  18. The admin console’s “unprocessed webhooks” screen has been renamed to just “webhooks” and it now shows the total number of webhooks the system has received since it was lasted booted.

  19. In the automation editor, both the “Manage stored data” and “Two-way sync mappings” screens now utilize more of the available screen width and also use infinite scrolling to load data pages instead of left/right arrows.