V6.49 Upgrade 4-25-20

  1. Fixed the Extension - JavaScript module so that arguments surrounded by single quotes (e.g. ‘ARG1’) will be substituted correctly when their input values also contain single quote characters.

  2. Fixed a regression where Batch Job logs were not accessible. The fix only makes newly written batch job logs accessible.

  3. The automation editor has a new Loop control that iterates through multiple field values emitted by actions.

  4. In the automation history’s second drilldown level, selecting the Success/Errors/Filtered execution status will now show all matching results.

  5. Fixed the connector assemblies for GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and GoToWebinar due to changes in their OAuth logic.

  6. The list of folders in the automation editor dashboard can now be searched.

  7. Fixed automation history for an edge case where the next-to-last executed action had an error but was configured to “continue if error” and the last executed step was a condition or loop with no action in the processed branch, such that the automation history now reports the status of the next-to-last action instead of always reporting a success but with an empty drilldown which didn’t allow inspection of the executed data row.

  8. The automation history screen will no longer display instances of “Executing…” with the spinning icon if in fact the automation is not currently in the work queue and being processed.

  9. The automation history screen has a new “Info” filter dropdown option, for viewing only entries related to the automation being edited and turned on/off.

  10. The popover app catalog in the automation editor now lists apps vertically and is infinitely scrollable, rather than using left/right pagination arrows.

  11. The Chooser Dialog Window module now has a “Closeable” checkbox setting. When checked, the displayed dialog window will have a close icon at its top right. When clicked, the assembly execution is halted.

  12. The “continue if error” option for actions has been modified to be “continue if non-critical error” such that critical errors will now halt processing. Critical errors are considered to be an API HTTP status code >= 400, with the exception of 404 (not found). In the case of 404 errors, generally those occur for “find” actions and the automation developer will want to use a conditional branch to handle the logic for when the item is found or not.

  13. When copy-pasting actions in the automation editor, pasted actions now include all fields and all field mappings from the copied action.

  14. The max length of folder names in the automation editor has been increased from 50 to 100, to match the max length of automation names.

  15. When editing an action that has dynamically loaded fields, after making changes to the field mappings and then clicking the Refresh Fields button the unsaved field mapping edits are no longer lost and reverted back to the original mappings.