V6.48 Upgrade 3-22-20

  1. When viewing the lowest-level automation history screen that shows the automation builder in read-only mode, clicking the “create automation” link now displays an empty automation instead of showing the triggers and actions that were displayed in the automation history.

  2. A new appJSP.logSdkResults() method for inlined Java JSP code within assemblies is now available for logging the results of API calls made with app-specific SDK’s like for Quickbooks Online. The method logs the results of SDK API calls made with HttpClient. When run in the Assembly Editor the logged entries go to the developer’s trace log. When run in an automation the logged entries go into the automation log. If the system is configured to use Splunk then API metrics are also sent to Splunk.

  3. After performing a search in the automation task history, the lowest level view no longer shows an “invalid version” error and correctly loads the selected automation instead of showing the previously viewed automation.

  4. When placing the cursor in a scrolled text UI control, the control no longer automatically scrolls to the top, allowing the cursor to be positioned where clicked.

  5. When an automation is executed via the System app’s “execute automation” action and the action is configured to wait until the executed automation completes, the executed automation’s details now appears in the Admin Console’s Work Queue screen as it executes.

  6. A “generate random value” action has been added to the Transform Data app. It generates random values based on a supplied format mask.

  7. Added a “find automation by name” action in the System app. Can be used in conjunction with the “execute automation” action to lookup an automation to be executed.