V6.43 Upgrade 1-5-20

  1. The Admin Console does not show the first screen until sign-in is complete.

  2. The Admin Console’s “User Accounts” screen no longer shows the “Switchable” checkboxes in the user account list. This option has been moved to the Manage Account dialog, accessible by either double-clicking an account in the list or by selecting an account and clicking the Manage Account button.

  3. The Lucene library is upgraded to its latest version. Lucene is used for automation transaction history searches.

  4. When saving an automation, if any invalid field mappings are detected the editor now highlights all errant steps, rather than just displaying a message.

  5. When saving an automation, if any selected app accounts are mismatched the editor now prompts whether to save the automation anyway and highlights all steps having mismatches.

  6. The Data Rows - Sort module’s JavaScript implementation which runs in the browser now sorts empty values to be less than all numeric values in ascending order, or greater than all numeric values in descending order. This matches the behavior of the Java server-side implementation.

  7. The QuickBase “update row” action now emits error details when errors occur.

  8. In the automation editor, actions having output fields in all previous conditional branches now appear in the list of mappable data fields.

  9. In the automation editor, nested conditionals within the false branches of other conditionals now display their entered notes.

  10. Fixed the OpenLaszlo UI library so that HTML5 2D drawing canvases are no longer blurry, by taking into account the browser’s scaling ratio for high-DPI display devices.

  11. Automation task history has been entirely redesigned. History is now divided into three screens. The first top-level screen shows the results of each execution of the automation in an infinitely scrollable vertical timeline. Clicking on a timeline entry drills into the second screen, another infinitely scrollable vertical timeline that shows the result of each data row processed during the selected execution cycle. Clicking on a data row entry drills into the final screen, the visual automation builder view of the automation in read-only mode. The opened view of the automation is the version of the automation that executed the selected data row. Clicking on a trigger/action/condition drills into the item’s settings and debug log for the processing of the selected data row.

  12. The “Reassign Content” functionality in the Admin Console’s User Accounts screen now reassigns automations to the destination account.

  13. The appRPC handleReceivedUnaryProtocolPayload() method, used by Unary Protocol threads, now has an additional optional parameter “payloadEventName” that can be used to indicate the webhook’s event. This is used in conjunction with the Filter module that unary protocol thread triggers use to filter payloads so that they only process the intended webhook event. When a unary protocol thread sends a value for the payloadEventName parameter, the system will only execute active automations that contain a reference to the provided event name, which typically will match the event name in the Filter module in the trigger. If the payloadEventName parameter value is not provided, then the current behavior is performed, which is to execute all active automations in the account that use the unary protocol thread’s app, which is much slower and places more load on the system.

  14. The system now uses an ActiveMQ message queue to receive webhooks.

  15. The Admin Console has a new ActiveMQ Dashboard screen for viewing statistics about the system’s ActiveMQ message queues.

  16. The system now uses Hazelcast as a distributed cache and to coordinate processing among multiple servers.

  17. The Admin Console has a new Hazelcast Dashboard screen for viewing statistics about the system’s usage of Hazelcast data structures and distributed computing services.

  18. The “Refresh Stats” button in the Admin Console’s Native Work Queue screen has been removed. Instead, the screen now automatically refreshes itself every 1 second while opened.

  19. Added a new Hazelcast Stats screen to the Admin Console that shows the top 10 automations with the most peak queued entries writing into Lucene. The stats automatically update every 1 second while the screen is open. These stats are needed b/c the Hazelcast dashboard isn’t able to do sorting (the columns have sort arrows, but the sort functionality is broken).

  20. Customers using Docker should note that the appActiveMQ, appHazelcast, and appLucene directories all need to be persisted in volume mount points in their docker-compose.yml file.