V6.38 Upgrade 5-19-19

  1. The Trigger (Gated) module has been deprecated.

  2. Added a Trigger - Emit Items Meeting Threshold module. The module allows triggers to be built that fire one time when data row values meet a configured criteria. An example is when city temperatures fall below freezing. The first time a city falls below freezing the data row would be emitted. It won’t be emitted again until the temperature rises above freezing and then later falls back below freezing.

  3. When deploying automations that use the new “execute automation” action, the system now updates references if the referenced automation is also deployed in the group. This functionality was previously being done for the now-deprecated “execute automation [DEPRECATED]” action, but the system’s code that maintains references was not updated when the new action was added.

  4. Fixed a MySQL deadlock that would occur if multiple payloads to the same webhook were received simultaneously.

  5. The buttons in the Admin Console’s Native Work Queue screen now keep their position vertically centered.

  6. The Admin Console’s Native Work Queue screen now displays automation names and automation owner names in the list of executing automations.

  7. Fixed the DateTime - Translation module so that an input of 2050-01-01 and an output format of EPOCH_SECONDS will return the correct result. Dates well in the future were causing a math overflow.

  8. In the Assembly Editor when closing a diagram that has unsaved changes, the dialog prompt now includes a Cancel button.

  9. The Data Rows - Sort module now correctly sorts when run in the Assembly Editor when some of the values to be sorted are empty. The problem did not occur in automations.

  10. Newly deployed automations can now be edited in the sending account and the changes can be redeployed to the destination accounts. When a destination account edits a deployed automation, a warning message now appears indicating that any edits may be lost if the sender later redeploys the automation.

  11. Fixed an issue with the VTD-XML wrappers where an added node would not get serialized into the generated XML. This was causing the Data Streams - Join module to not work correctly in some situations.

  12. The “SystemHealthCheck” web service is always allowed to process even when all native work queue threads are busy.

  13. When an account is closed and the option to wipe all data is used, the account no longer appears in the Admin Console’s User Accounts screen or in the Switch Account dialog’s list of accounts.

  14. The Transform Date Time app’s “modify and reformat date time” action now supports output formats of EPOCH_MILLIS_MIDNIGHT and EPOCH_SECONDS_MIDNIGHT, which round the time portion to 12am.

  15. Added a Conditional Value module that emits one of two possible values depending on if the input value meets the specified criteria.

  16. Fixed the Fetch Paginated Results - Breadcrumbs module so it iterates correctly rather than endlessly fetching the first page of results.

  17. The system now refreshes OAuth v2 access tokens in 15 minutes, rather than an hour. This is primarily being changed to accommodate the Booker API, whose tokens expire in 30 minutes.

  18. Fixed an issue with the VTD-XML wrappers where child nodes could not be added to a parent node where the parent node XML was in the form of “<root/>”. This was causing the Data Streams - Join module to not work correctly when joining nodes to empty data streams.

  19. When configuring Trigger Filters in the automation editor, clicking the Refresh Fields button will now populate the trigger filter field dropdowns.

  20. In the automation editor’s action field mappings screen, the popover of mappable data fields is now positioned in the middle of the screen and is wider and taller.

  21. Fixed an issue where after turning on a newly deployed automation, if the automation editor displayed the “Initial Settings” dialog the editor would save the automation with invalid field mappings.

  22. Re-implemented the logic that controls visibility of automation gear menu items in the automation editor to fix an intermittent issue where sometimes menu options that should have been visible were hidden instead.

  23. Fixed the QuickBase “create row” action so that connection credentials are correctly retrieved.

  24. Added a QuickBase “update row” action.

  25. When dragging a wire in the Assembly Editor, if a modal opens the wire is now destroyed, rather than always following the mouse afterwards and not being able to get rid of it without reloading the editor.

  26. The “Refresh Fields” button in the automation editor’s trigger and action settings dialogs will now appear when adding triggers and actions that have dynamic fields, rather than only when editing existing ones.

  27. Protocol thread logs can now be purged from the Admin Console’s Protocol Threads screen.