V6.37 Upgrade 4--20-19

  1. The HTTP Transaction module and its variants now send POST/PUT/PATCH text payloads using UTF-8 encoding. The HubSpot API in particular was returning an error when text payloads contained international characters.

  2. The Datetime - Translation module has been refactored. Now it always calculates its translations on the server, rather than in the browser when in the Assembly Editor. This is because the underlying JavaScript library would return varying results across browsers. The timezone offset, when provided, is now always applied. The timezone offset is now specified in seconds rather than millis. The timezone offset can now be specified as “ACCOUNT”, in which case the user account’s timezone offset is used.

  3. The Transform Date Time app’s “modify and reformat date time” action now has an input field to specify the timezone offset. A timezone offset should only be specified when the input values have no timezone component.

  4. The Asana “create new task” action has been deprecated and replaced with a new version that support HTML notes and custom fields.

  5. When an automation that has an instant trigger is deployed, the deployed automation will now only require its instant trigger to be configured when the trigger assembly’s Webhook module has the “requires test transaction” option checked.

  6. The existing Data Rows - Filter, Fatal Error [Data Stream], Data Rows - Conditional Loop, and Conditional Execution [Data Stream] modules have been renamed to append “v1” to their names and new “v2” modules have been added that allow the right side of criteria expressions to be a data path, allowing for logic to consist of the comparison of two values within each data row. The right side criteria expressions can also be a string or number value as before. The v2 modules now also log the two values being compared and the result of each comparison, to aid troubleshooting.

  7. The Transform Number “step from starting number” action has been renamed to “step from starting number (automation scope)” and deprecated modules have been replaced with their latest versions.

  8. Added a “step from starting number (account scope)” action to the Transform Number app.

  9. The Asana “new or updated task in project” trigger has been deprecated and replaced with a new version that emits custom fields.

  10. The Asana “new task assigned to you in workspace” trigger has been deprecated and replaced with a new version that emits custom fields.

  11. Triggers, actions, and conditionals in the automation editor can now be double-clicked to edit their settings.

  12. Fixed a runtime performance issue with all two-way sync triggers that occurred as more and more sync records were stored in the database.

  13. The automation dashboard gear icon menu has been redesigned with four top-level menus and nested submenus, rather than having a large number of menu items at the top level.

  14. The Unary Protocol Thread appRPC.handleReceivedUnaryProtocolPayload() Java JSP method now returns information when either no accounts match the supplied inputs or when no active automations are found, rather than returning an empty result.

  15. The Xero app assembly’s user instructions have been updated to reflect changes with openssl.

  16. Added a “lookup row” action for Google Sheets.

  17. Added a “find cancelled appointment” action for Cliniko.

  18. Fixed an issue with the automation execution engine where processing thousands of data rows would get slower and slower. Now, processing speeds up instead and total throughput of the automation execution engine has been improved.

  19. On a non-development server, if an automation is published to the ‘templates’ account and then the template is deleted in the ‘templates’ account, if the automation is later republished to the ‘templates’ account it will now appear rather than remaining in a deleted state.

  20. When saving a copy of an automation, the selected folder is now honored rather than always being placed into the same folder as the source automation.

  21. Shopify assemblies have been updated to send a Content-Type header due to a change in the Shopify API behavior.

  22. The Docker MySQL is now configured to not perform binary logging, since there is no replication.

  23. Fixed the Date Time “every weekday at” trigger so it correctly uses the configured day of week.

  24. The system’s webhook receiver now sends an immediate response back to the caller and performs its processing in secondary threads rather than doing any processing that makes the webhook caller wait for a response.

  25. The Action Two-Way Sync module no longer marks transactions as successfully processed when a previous failure in its embedded subassembly is retried. Now the embedded subassembly will re-execute the failed transaction as expected when retried.

  26. The Subassembly Output (Sync Action) module no longer requires a data path to be entered for the existing item flag when the “create” action type is selected. The field’s help button information has been updated to describe when an existing item data path should be entered.

  27. When a Trigger Filter filters a data row, the system no longer writes the filtered data row id to the database, meaning that if the data row later meets the filter criteria it will now be processed. This is most useful for updated items, where the most recently modified records are fetched from the API.

  28. Populated dropdowns in the automation editor’s triggers and actions settings now re-fetch data every time they are opened.

  29. The automation editor’s field mappings screen and conditional settings screen have been slightly redesigned. The plus icons have been removed. Now, the mappable fields appear when a field’s edit area is focused. Field help text now appears as a tooltip when a field’s edit area is focused. Each field edit area is shorter so more fit onscreen at once. The entire screen of action settings can now be scrolled down so that the mappable fields fill the screen. The checkboxes to filter fields by those required or mapped have been repositioned to the top right.

  30. Tooltips are no longer hyperactive, with the hover delay now increased to 1 second.

  31. The maxAutomationLogAgeDays config setting (in Docker APIANT_MAX_AUTOMATION_LOG_AGE_DAYS) can now be set to -1 to disable all automation logging and data storage. A setting of -1 now also causes no webhook data to be written to the system’s webhook log.