V6.36 Upgrade 3-9-19

  1. The System “execute automation” action has been deprecated and replaced with a new version that will return any error raised by the executed automation when the “wait to complete” option is enabled.

  2. The existing Zoho CRM integration has been deprecated b/c it uses their deprecated v1.0 API. A new Zoho CRM integration that uses their v2.0 API and OAuth has been added.

  3. When system upgrades are installed, deprecated app assemblies are now imported before non-deprecated app assemblies in order to avoid naming conflicts.

  4. The XML Builder and JSON Builder modules now emit their generated output in the Assembly Editor even when an parse error occurs, so that the generated output can be viewed with the stream inspector to help spot the error.

  5. Greatly improved the performance of saving existing assemblies from the Assembly Editor after modules had been removed from the assembly diagram. The performance issue was magnified on busy systems with lots of automations processing due to database locking.

  6. In the Admin Console’s User Roles screen, roles can now be deleted even when assigned to user accounts.

  7. The Admin Console’s User Roles screen has a new button “View Accounts” that opens the User Accounts screen to show which accounts have the selected role.

  8. Improved the mouseover tooltip text for the Automation Editor’s account settings popover’s alert email field to make it clear that when any email addresses are entered that they are used instead of the account’s email for delivering alerts.

  9. If an Action module has a static field that is required and the field has no data, now an error is raised when running in the Assembly Editor or in an automation.

  10. The root admin account’s password can now be changed from the Admin Console’s User Accounts screen via the “Change Admin Password” button.

  11. The Salesforce “create object record” action no longer flags fields as required when they will be defaulted by Salesforce.

  12. The Assembly Editor no longer changes the browser’s tab name to “Unnamed” when an unnamed assembly is selected in the editor.

  13. Fixed error handling for the HubSpot “add or update customer” action so that all errors are reported.

  14. Deprecated the Unleashed Software “create new customer” action and added an “add customer” action.

  15. Added a “find sales person by email” action for Unleashed Software.

  16. Added a “new lead” trigger for Intercom.

  17. In the Automation Editor, after copying an action it can now be pasted as the first action of a new automation. Previously nothing would be pasted in this scenario.

  18. The “Text Replace” module has been renamed to “Text Replace [Data Stream]”.

  19. Added a new “Text Replace [Single Value]” module that can perform one or more text replacements in an input text string value.

  20. The automation gear icon’s “Reset” option is now available for webhook trigger automations, in order to facilitate the removal of two-way sync data from the database.

  21. The Fetch Paginated Results - Iterator module now stops iterating if the response doesn’t contain any child nodes under the data row path’s matching node.

  22. The OAuth Transaction v2.0a module’s Access Token URL and Refresh Token URL can now contain query parameters starting with “HEADER_” to indicate header values to send. The query parameters starting with “HEADER_” are removed from the URL, the “HEADER_” prefix is stripped from the query parameter name, and the remaining portion of the name and the query parameter value are sent as a header name/value pair.

  23. When switching accounts in the Automation Editor, transaction timestamps in the automation history details now display in the selected account’s timezone, rather than always being in the timezone for the first account used to view automation history details.

  24. The Trigger Two-Way Sync module will now emit the first items processed when running in an automation and when the trigger is an instant trigger.

  25. The existing HubSpot integration has been deprecated and a new HubSpot app has been created that now uses OAuth rather than an API key.

  26. Added a button at the top right of the automation history detail’s screen to download the activity or debug log being viewed.

  27. Booker Merchant has been integrated with a “new customer” trigger.