V6.34 Upgrade 1-20-19

  1. In the Admin Console’s Native Work Queue screen, scheduled retry transactions no longer display the data row uuid or webhook transaction id. Instead, the retry message is now a hyperlink that can be clicked to open the failed transaction’s logs in the Automation Editor.

  2. In the Automation Editor’s History Details screen, the Data Row ID value is now truncated to a max of 50 characters to avoid long values from overflowing the screen. The value can now be clicked, which will copy the value to the system clipboard.

  3. The HTTP Transaction module can now perform HTTP Basic auth to URL’s having custom port numbers.

  4. Added an “add or update contact” action for Mautic.

  5. The Google Contacts “new contact” trigger has been deprecated b/c it doesn’t work correctly. It is replaced with a “new or updated contact” trigger.

  6. The system no longer allows automations that contain invalid field mappings to be saved. An error message is now returned that lists all invalid field mappings.

  7. When an assembly search is performed in the Assembly Editor’s catalog, if the query matches an app name now the results contain a separate section containing the app assembly and all of the app’s actions, triggers, and subassemblies. Additional assemblies matching the query are now placed in a separate section of results. This change causes all matching results to be returned when the query exactly matches an app’s name, rather than just the app’s assemblies being returned.

  8. If a Conditional branch in an automation has no actions, the automation execution engine will now execute any subsequent actions that follow the condition rather than halting.

  9. The “Start Work Queue” and “Stop Work Queue” buttons in the Admin Console’s Native Work Queue screen have been combined into a single toggle button.

  10. The system’s cron setting for retrying unprocessed webhooks in the database is now set to the bottom of every hour, rather than once a day at noon.

  11. When the system automatically retries unprocessed webhooks, it now retries all in the database rather than only those older than an hour.

  12. The Admin Console’s Native Work Queue screen now displays a count of how many unprocessed webhooks are in the database.

  13. If any unprocessed webhooks are in the database, the Admin Console’s Native Work Queue screen now displays a “Retry Unprocessed Webhooks” button that will retry unprocessed webhooks.