V6.32 Upgrade 1-6-19

  1. Fixed a null pointer exception that could occur within the “get dynamic action output fields” subassembly.

  2. When app credentials are missing, the system’s error message is now “no connection found” rather than “authorization information not found”.

  3. Fixed the OAuth Transaction module so the PATCH verb works instead of returning a null pointer exception.

  4. Added a new “Automation Templates” account permission. On non-development servers, this permission provides access to a new automation gear icon menu option “publish as template” that publishes the automation to the system’s “templates” account.

  5. When retrying individual failed transactions from the automation history screen, a new option is available to edit the stored data to be submitted for the retry. This can be used to correct errant trigger data. When using this new option, if the processing failure occurred in a chain of actions the retry will be performed starting at the first action instead of where processing failed.