V6.30 upgrade 12-9-18

  1. Fixed the Admin Console’s system settings screen so that the Amazon S3 Region field is now displayed rather than a duplicate Amazon S3 Secret Key field.

  2. Removed Jabber settings from the Admin Console’s system settings screen, as they were replaced by the Jabber Protocol Thread in an earlier system upgrade.

  3. Fixed an issue where if an account was checked to be active in the Admin Console’s User Accounts screen the system would always show an error that the number of user licenses had been exceeded.

  4. The Mailchimp “add or update subscriber” actions now support address fields.

  5. When saving assemblies having a Date Time trigger, the editor no longer prompts to select an automation schedule, which created an endless loop such that the automation could not be saved.

  6. Webhooks now parse out fields having empty values instead of ignoring them, so they can be mapped in action field mappings.

  7. Docker now uses MySQL v8. The baseline docker-compose.yml has a new APIANT_MYSQL_INNODB_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE_BYTES environment variable that controls how much memory MySQL uses.

  8. Fixed an issue that caused the Admin Console’s system announcement message to not be sent to active users in the system.

  9. Fixed the parsing of received webhook data to avoid an exception related to URL-decoding caused by “%” or “+” characters.

  10. Fixed the Pause All button in the Admin Console’s Batch Jobs screen so it functions.

  11. Improved the Quickbooks Online “lookup bill” action so it returns a friendly error message when the payee name is specified but not found.

  12. Fixed an issue with the Streak “create new box” action so it won’t fail if a date field has no value.

  13. If a trigger or action assembly has a hardcoded Service Account field entered and the account is not found when the automation is executed, the error message now indicates the missing value may be due to being hardcoded in the assembly.

  14. Fixed an issue with the Automation Editor where if an entered action field mapping contained only space characters, when the automation was saved and later edited the field would not contain the spaces even though the spaces were present in the saved database data. This was being caused by browser XML parsers stripping node text that only contained spaces.

  15. Automation logs now wrap field values and output data with brackets, so that values containing only whitespace are now discernable. This change only occurs with newly processed data.

  16. When copying an automation having a webhook trigger, after editing the trigger the editor will no longer automatically start the webhook configuration. Instead, the Configure Webhook button must be clicked. This change allows any settings to be modified before the webhook is created.

  17. Fixed an issue with Looped subassemblies when running them in the Assembly Editor, where the looped subassembly wasn’t able to process the looped data rows as expected.

  18. Added a “File” app with a “Text to Temporary File” action that will write the specified text string to a temp file on the server and return the URL to the temp file. One usage is to send content as an email attachment.

  19. The help information for the HTTP Transaction module and all its variants has been updated to correct the output XML schema and to add information about how to correctly configure the data row path for Fatal Error modules.

  20. When the browser loses its connection to the server, an error message in red is now displayed at the top of the screen rather than in a dialog window that required clicking a button to close.

  21. Fixed an issue that caused newly connected Gmail app accounts to not be able to send emails with the send email action.

  22. Deprecated the existing MINDBODY “new sale” trigger and renamed the “updated sale” trigger to “new sale”.

  23. The existing ONTRAPORT “new contact” trigger has been deprecated and replaced with a version that emits all available fields.

  24. The action field mappings dialog in the automation editor now has a checkbox at the lower left that only shows mapped fields when checked.

  25. The functionality for wire nodes in the assembly editor to show a tooltip with the node’s data type (xml, text, number) when moused over has been fixed.

  26. Automation history and log entries now include the app name prior to trigger/action names.