V6.27 upgrade 9-22-18

  1. In the automation editor’s action field mappings, field help text height is now limited to a maximum height so that fields don’t overrun their allowed height.

  2. Fixed the saving of assemblies so that unary protocol thread assemblies can now be saved to apps that already have other existing assemblies.

  3. The Utility - Keyvault Value module now uses the selected account in the assembly editor if the user’s account either has the “Assembly Administrator” permission or if the user switched accounts. This was done so that users with a high level of permission can troubleshoot assemblies easier.

  4. The PipelineDeals “add or update person” action has been fixed to avoid a malformed URL error.

  5. The MINDBODY “new or updated customer” trigger has been improved to reliably emit all available mappable output fields and to emit all available mappable custom output fields.

  6. When an automation has it data storage option disabled, the automation’s history screen now shows a tooltip above history entries indicating that the transactions cannot be inspected.

  7. Added “new staff member”, “new sale”, “new service”, “new product”, “new package”, “new upcoming class”, “new upcoming appointment” triggers for MINDBODY.

  8. Added an “add or update staff member” action for MINDBODY.

  9. A database index has been altered to address a slow SQL query that affected automation execution performance. The query was previously taking seconds to complete in a large database, now it takes less than a millisecond.

  10. Fixed an issue with saving new keyvault values in the assembly editor that resulted in an “Invalid person UUID” error message.

  11. The Admin Console’s “Native Work Queue” screen now lists all transactions in the retry queue, showing the automations and data row uuids that are queued to be retried.

  12. In the automation’s History screen, searches can now be performed using the data row uuid.

  13. Lists in the Admin Console are now scrollable with the Safari iOS browser.