V6.24 upgrade 8-3-18

  1. Fixed Infusionsoft, Slack, and Todoist so accounts can now be connected again, by enabling their “state” parameter in the OAuth v2.0 Workflow module.

  2. The Jabber protocol thread assembly has been modified to use Utility - Keyvault Value modules instead of Text Entry Parameter modules. All protocol threads must use the Utility - Keyvault Value module to store credentials so that these assemblies can be modified and updated without erasing credentials.

  3. The Utility - Keyvault Value module’s “Share” setting checkbox has been removed. Instead, new and much simpler scope rules are now used. When the assembly is executed in the Assembly Editor, the signed-in account’s keyvault is accessed. When the assembly is executed outside of the Assembly Editor, the keyvault for the account that owns the assembly is accessed.

  4. Fixed signin via OAuth so that a second popup window isn’t opened.

  5. Added additional error checking to the Google Calendar app assembly.

  6. The existing Pipedrive “add new deal” and “add organization” actions have been deprecated and replaced with new versions that support all data fields.

  7. The Typeform integration has been deprecated b/c they turned off the API endpoints being used.

  8. The Infusionsoft “fetch recently updated contact” subassembly now fetches 50 contacts instead of 100 and its script timeout has been removed.

  9. All GMail triggers now emit “From name” as a data field, which is the sender’s name.