V6.22 upgrade 6-30-18

  1. All automation alert emails scheduled for immediate delivery are now queued and sent out no faster than once a minute, with multiple copies of the same alert now batched into a single digest summary email, to avoid the possibility of a high-volume webhook automation resulting in lots of spam emails should it experience an error while under heavy load.

  2. Fixed an issue with the Trigger Two-Way Sync module where new items were not being processed.

  3. Fetched API data is now made available for garbage collection after it has been parsed into XML, which helps to reduce the system’s peak memory usage.

  4. The MailChimp integration now uses HTTPS, which they will require starting 7-30-18.

  5. An internal change to wrapper classes around the system’s XML parser has resulted in a reduction of parsed XML memory consumption by 50%. Since all automations use this XML parser, peak memory usage of the entire system as it processes automations is also reduced by about 50%.

  6. The “Purge Server Cache” button on the Admin Console’s Settings screen has been replaced with a “Reload License Key(s)” button that will refresh all license keys with any modified limits without having to reboot the system.

  7. 123ContactForm has been rebranded to 123FormBuilder and its integration has been updated.

  8. The Tomcat Docker container is now configured with Java flags to optimize garbage collection.

  9. If an account has exceeded its allowance of monthly webhook invocations, when webhooks are received for the account’s automations they are no longer discarded but are now stored in the database. At the first of the month, the stored webhooks will automatically be processed.

  10. If the system crashes or is rebooted when it has received webhooks but hasn’t processed them yet, the system will now automatically process them upon bootup.