V6.19 upgrade 4-29-18

  1. OAuth token refresh serialization now uses a MySQL lock rather than a file lock, in order to support worker server farms with multiple servers processing automations.

  2. OAuth tokens that have an associated refresh URL are now only refreshed once an hour, rather than being refreshed every time an API call is made.

  3. Automations are now versioned. When saving edits to an automation, the system now prompts for a version description. A new “Versions” menu option appears in the automation gear icons in the dashboard. Clicking it opens a list of saved versions for the automation. Clicking on a saved version in the list opens it in the editor.

  4. Subscription plans can now limit the number of connected apps.

  5. Subscription plans can now disallow usage of two-way sync functionality.

  6. Added an “emit Nth array element” action for the Data Transform app.

  7. When the system administrator locks the system via the Admin Console, automations that are executing will now halt their processing when a trigger data row completes its last action, rather than continuing to process all trigger data rows.

  8. When an automation exceeds its timeout limit, the system now waits up to an additional 5 minutes for the trigger data row to finish processing its last action before the automation is halted, rather than immediately halting the automation.

  9. Netex LearningCloud https://www.netexlearning.com/learningcloud has been integrated.