V6.18 upgrade 4-22-18

  1. The OAuth refresh token logic now waits for up to 1 minute for a mutex lock to be cleared, rather than waiting indefinitely.

  2. Fixed an issue that was causing the Feed “create RSS feed” action to generate a malformed feed due to content always being appended to the feed file.

  3. Fixed an issue where automation logs contained an erroneous message “… is using connected account [Default]…” even if the action/trigger was configured to use a different account.

  4. Fixed a rare issue where sometimes when saving a module in the Module IDE the Java implementation code would become erased.

  5. Velocify LeadManager https://velocify.com/products has been integrated.

  6. The system’s implementation of automation worker servers has been refactored to make it more flexible and easier to configure. Instead of assigning ranges of automation, batch job, and web service ids per worker server, now the system uses a consistent hash algorithm to determine which worker server will process which item.

  7. The opaque background view now fades in and out according to the theme’s “transition_speed” setting.

  8. If the license validation fails when the system boots, a clearer message is logged about the problem.