V6.13 upgrade 3-5-18

  1. Fixed the Utility - Keyvalue Value module to avoid a runtime error when the key value doesn’t exist.

  2. Fixed an issue such that when an Action assembly is used as a module within another assembly (e.g. by dragging the Action out of the catalog and dropping into an assembly) action inputs having wired values will now receive the wired values instead of receiving an empty value. This only affected Action assemblies having an Action Output module.

  3. If the system is configured to have free trial accounts for a configured number of days, the automation editor’s dashboard will now show the number of days remaining in the free trial.

  4. Added a system ping web service assembly that can be used by external monitors by invoking it at APIANT_DOMAIN/appExec?tenant_uuid=&person_uuid=949a30e32ddd441489f772393f356437&assembly_uuid=0391ed0c4fdc43768db0ff4a8ef330c3

  5. Accounts having permission to access the Admin Console have a new button that appears at the bottom of the Switch Account dialog that allows them to switch to the admin account. This is especoally needed for systems configured to use SSO or SAML in that there is no other way to access the admin account in the automation editor or assembly editor.

  6. The system now cleans up any dangling automation log files on the server’s filesystem and on Amazon S3 based upon the maximum allowed log age whenever automation log pruning is performed.

  7. If an API call returns no response data, the system now reports a “No response” error message rather than “Unexpected response”.

  8. When a failed transaction is retried from the automation history screen, the “retry mode” selection prompt now displays details about each option onscreen underneath each radio button, rather than in tooltips for the radio buttons.

  9. When the “Errors” filter is selected in an automation’s history screen, a “Retry All” button now appears at the top right that will retry all retryable errored transactions selected by the entered search criteria.