V6.12 upgrade 2-24-18

  1. Fixed an issue in the automation editor such that when configuring the Feed “create RSS feed” action the “Obtain your feed URL” now appears.

  2. Clover Network has been integrated.

  3. PrestaShop has been integrated.

  4. Fixed an issue with the automation execution engine where if an automation was constructed with a Conditional as the last item and the last executed branch of that Conditional contained no actions, the automation would process the very first trigger data row again rather than processing the next data row in sequence, causing an infinite loop.

  5. The automation execution engine now takes into account trigger data row filtering when reporting the total trigger data rows being processed, rather than reporting all data rows emitted by the trigger prior to filtering being applied.

  6. The Gmail “new email in inbox” and “new email labeled” triggers now emit a “To” field, containing the email receiver’s name.

  7. System upgrades can now append new nodes to the system’s config.xml file.

  8. In the Assembly Editor, the module right-click click context menu “Enable/disable debug output” has been renamed to “Enable/disable debug logging”.

  9. Modules in the Assembly Editor now show a “DEBUG LOGGING DISABLED” message at their top when debug logging has been disabled, rather than changing their backgrounds to a white color.

  10. When comparing assembly versions in the Assembly Editor, the “More settings” hyperlink in submodules is now highlighted when submodule settings are different.

  11. In the Assembly Editor, when radio buttons within modules are not selected their associated controls are now disabled.

  12. The docker-compose.yml file now includes two new environment variables APIANT_SSO_SAML_IDP_X509_CERT and APIANT_SSO_SAML_IDP_PRIVATE_KEY. If these have values, the APIANT SAML service provider will sign requests to the Identity Provider (IdP).

  13. The Assembly Editor Guide at https://apiant.com/docs/APIANT_Assembly_Editor_Guide.pdf has been refreshed and now includes sections about assembly versioning and assembly version comparisons.