V6.11 upgrade 2-11-18

  1. The system’s config file can now be configured with a list of API’s that should be ignored if they return a 401 error message such that the automation won’t be automatically turned off, since some API’s return a 401 to mean something other than the account credentials are no longer valid. Previously the system only had Tumblr’s API hardcoded as being the only one to ignore if it returned a 401.

  2. Automation alert emails no longer contain the automation’s name in the email subject. Instead, the automation name now appears in the first line of the email’s body.

  3. All automation alert emails now include the account name in the email subject when sent to system admins.

  4. When an assembly is open in the Assembly Editor with no unsaved changes and a version is selected from the Versions menu, the system now prompts to choose to either open the diagram or to compare differences between the two versions. Choosing to compare the differences will place the open assembly into read-only mode and the other diagram will be loaded. Differences between the 2 diagrams will be highlighted. A slider at the top of the editor allows the opacity to be blended between the 2 versions. Modules containing scrollable text fields with the pencil edit icon, such as inlined Java/PHP code or XML/JSON templates, will open in a new “diff” view with differences in lines highlighted.

  5. The Webhook module will now throw an error if no configuration instructions are entered when no Webhook URL is specified.