V6.10 upgrade 2-3-18

  1. Module imports now update the privacy setting.

  2. Modules that were previously deprecated are now private and not publicly accessible.

  3. Assembly imports will no longer place assemblies into the anonymous user account; instead, they will be placed into the sysadmin account.

  4. Twitter actions that post tweets now replace the @ character with a #, rather than stripping it.

  5. The dropdown list control no longer displays the animated focus selection when an item has been selected and the list closes.

  6. “Connection has been closed” has been added as a retryable automation error.

  7. When edited in the automation editor, automations now display the latest available app icons that have been saved in the system.

  8. Fixed an infrequent hang that could occur in the native work queue’s processing of automations that would happen when an automation was running and a request was made to run the automation again.

  9. If an automation makes an API call that returns a 401 Unauthorized error, the automation is turned off, an entry is written into the automation’s history about the system turning off the automation, and an email alert is sent to the automation’s owner and system administrator. The app account is no longer disconnected by the system.

  10. The “New free trial user account (instant)” system trigger has been renamed to “New signup for plan (instant)”.

  11. In the assembly editor, after modules having wires with black labels are copied and pasted the pasted black labels are now owned by the same modules as before, such that the pasted labels are positioned the same and move the same when modules are moved.

  12. Microsoft Excel Online has been integrated.

  13. The data path dropdown list in the “Select Single Data Value” popover that appears when wiring data streams into scalar value nodes in the assembly editor is now searchable.

  14. When an assembly diagram is loaded in the assembly editor, the “Assembly diagram version” above the diagram now shows “Latest version” rather than the date/time the assembly was created, which is not necessarily the date/time of the latest version.

  15. Automation debug logs now include assembly version information before trigger and action assemblies are executed. The version information includes the date/time of the last edit, the person who made the edit, and the description about the edit.