V6.09 upgrade 1-28-18

  1. The Subassembly Input module in the assembly editor now displays the data stream number to the left of each defined data stream.

  2. When an automation invokes another automation via the “execute automation” system action, the history page for the invoked automation will now display its execution status and allow the invoked automation’s processing to be manually halted.

  3. Automation timeout alert emails are now sent according to email digest settings, rather than always being sent immediately.

  4. Fixed the YouTube “new video in channel” trigger.

  5. The list of automation action error messages that will cause failed trigger data rows to be automatically retried up to 3 times is now configurable in the system’s config file, rather than being hardcoded.

  6. Fixed an issue where dropdown lists would sometimes not appear when opened.

  7. Fixed an issue where sometimes the arrow at the top/bottom of dropdown lists would not be positioned correctly, such that it was not attached to the list.

  8. The search field is now focused when searchable dropdown lists are opened, so that search text can immediately be entered.

  9. Searchable dropdown lists no longer change their height or position when search text is entered and results are filtered.

  10. The search field no longer appears in dropdown lists that are too narrow to fully display the search field.

  11. System.out.println() within Java JSP code in Extension - Server-Side Script modules is now written to trace logs that are private to each developer account. The developer menu in the assembly editor has menu links renamed from “stdout.log” to “trace log”. All trace logs are erased by the system at bootup whenever the system is started.

  12. The webhook log is stored in a different location (now under appServerOutput rather than tomcat’s log directory) and its filename is now randomly generated when the system boots, to avoid unauthorized access. The log is empty each time the system boots at startup. Previous webhook logs are erased each time the system boots at startup.

  13. The /config/server/stdout_log and /config/server/webhooks_log parameters in config.xml have been removed.

  14. The APIANT_STDOUT_LOG and APIANT_WEBHOOKS_LOG environment variables have been removed from the baseline docker compose file.