V6.05 upgrade 12-23-17

  1. Fixed an issue introduced in v6.04 where if a polling automation with multiple actions experienced an error in any but the last action the transaction would be retried over and over each time the automation executed.

  2. Fixed the counting of the current record number being processed in logged messages “Executing action #X for trigger data row Y of Z” (where the value of Y was wrong, sometimes greater than Z).

  3. Fixed an issue with saving actions having validated entries in the automation editor, where the editor would hang while displaying message “validating your entries”.

  4. Fixed a seemingly isolated issue where an Extension - Server-Side Script module in a subassembly nested within a Loop module could not access data streams being passed into it, resulting in empty XML being placed into DATASTREAM replacements within the code.

  5. SSO (Single Sign-On) via SAML has been integrated into the system.

  6. The docker-compose.yml file has new environment variables to configure SSO via CAS and SAML. Search the file for “SSO” to find the new variables.

  7. Storify is shutting down May 16, 2018, so all assemblies have been marked as private and deprecated. Existing automations will continue to run until Storify turns off their API.

  8. The admin console’s User Accounts screen has a new button “Reset Task Count” to reset the account’s monthly tasks total back to zero.

  9. If a Conditional branch within an automation has no actions, when the automation executes and the empty branch is executed now the trigger data row is marked as processed and the next trigger data row is processed, rather than the automation execution being immediately halted.

  10. When clicking the Execute Assembly link in the assembly editor, the output data information area at the bottom left is now cleared rather than possibly showing output data from an assembly that is not selected.

  11. Fixed an issue when importing a batch of automations such that automation references in “execute automation” and “turn automation on/off” actions are now correctly updated.

  12. When a batch of automations is deployed, multiple “execute automation” and “turn automation on/off” actions witin automations now have all references updated, rather than just the first action being updated.

  13. When automations are deployed or imported, they are now placed into the same folder names as configured in the source account.

  14. Automation imports (via an uploaded automation export file) that take longer than 30 seconds will now run to completion.

  15. After uploading an uploaded automation export file of automations to import, the system now prompts to ask if existing automations should be updated, or if new automations will be created regardless if they already exist.

  16. When importing automations with the new “update if exists” option, if the existing automations are owned by another account the system will display a message after the import completes indicating which accounts own the existing automations.

  17. When an automation is imported and it doesn’t already already exist in the system, the system will no longer attempt to associate the automation with an account having the same email address as the account used to export the automation. All imported automations that get created are now associated with the account performing the import.

  18. Fixed an issue with the Switch Account dialog such that the organization doesn’t have to be reselected each time in order for the switch account to work in multi-tenant systems.

  19. The automation editor’s Account -> Settings popover has been redesigned.

  20. A new setting has been added to the automation editor’s Account -> Settings popover to control the frequency at which automations can send email alerts. Three options are available: Immediately, Hourly, and Daily. If Hourly or Daily are selected, a single email digest is sent that contains all the alerts during that time period. Duplicate alerts are not repeated in the digest email b/c the system will indicate how many occurrences of the email alert have happened.

  21. A new setting has been added to the automation editor’s Account -> Settings popover to specify one or more email addresses to receive automation alerts. One or more emails can be entered separated by commas that will receive automation email alerts. If empty (the default), the account’s email is used instead.

  22. A new “AMA Administrator” permission has been added for AMA tenant systems. Accounts with this permission will receive email alerts from all automations in all accounts within the AMA tenant system. The behavior of items #20 and #21 above apply for the AMA Administrator accounts, such that AMA admins can control which email addresses receive the alerts at the specified frequency.

  23. When a polling automation is created and saved in the off state, the system no longer executes the automation. This initial execution when saved was for the purpose of loading the database with the initial trigger data row identifiers. Now, when the automation is turned on the first time the automation runs will result in the loading of the initial trigger data row identifiers (resulting in no data being processed). The reason for the change is for the case when the automation is created in the off state but not turned on for a length of time that would result in a flood of processing when it is eventually turned on.

  24. The performance of fetching data for the automation history pages has been greatly improved.

  25. A “new or updated customer” trigger and a “new order” trigger have been added for Square.

  26. Whitepages Pro has been integrated with a “business lookup” action and a “reverse address search for phone” action.

BRAVO! Substantial enhancements!