V6.01 upgrade 11-11-17

  1. Fixed a null pointer exception in the v2 automation execution engine that would happen if an API rate limit was exceeded due to old v1 engine code being invoked rather than v2 code.

  2. Improved the instructions for configuring the generic Webhook “new webhook received (instant)” trigger.

  3. Patched the browser-side XML parser so that nested CDATA is serialized properly.

  4. In the automation editor, when editing existing decision logic that has multiple “OR” sections, all but the first section now display the “X” remove icon. Previously none of the sections displayed the icon.

  5. When automations are imported, the system now updates references to apps to use the correct database id, rather than using the database id in the export file. This caused automations to display the incorrect app accounts needing to be connected when being turned on for the first time.

  6. If an imported automation is deleted and re-imported, it is now undeleted rather than always remaining in the deleted state.

  7. Aplos.com has been integrated with a “new contact created” trigger.

  8. The Feedly integration has been updated to use developer tokens instead of OAuth due to changes in their terms of service.

  9. The “include on-demand” search option in the assembly editor catalog has been removed. All searches for assemblies now include matches from orderable on-demand placeholder assemblies (if the system has any in the database).

  10. The assembly editor is now fully functional when the diagram is zoomed via the editor’s zoom slider. Wire and module dragging now work as expected.

  11. When performing right-click context menu actions on items in the assembly editor catalog, the confirmation message in yellow at the top center of the screen now displays the results of the action, rather than the number of items found as a result of the catalog being refreshed.

  12. Searches in the assembly editor catalog now include shared items in the results.

  13. Caspio.com has been integrated with an “update a record” action and a “query table - emit all rows” trigger.

  14. Added the following actions to Pipedrive: “find person by id”, “add or update a person”, “add or update a deal”.

  15. The logged error message for automation runtime exceptions within inlined Java JSP code now include the line of code that caused the exception plus the subassembly name (if available) and the module name.