V5.88 upgrade 10-23-17

  1. Fixed an issue with the automation editor where editing certain webhook triggers and saving the trigger without making any changes and saving the automation would result in the webhook no longer processing due to the assembly instance uuid not matching.

  2. Fixed user-initiated retries of failed automation transactions so that the v2 engine is invoked rather than the v1 engine.

  3. Automation retry logic for failed transactions has been changed. As before, only errors worth retrying like communication errors or API 5xx errors (internal errors with the API, due to maintenance or issues) are automatically retried by the system. Previously webhook automation retries would occur once a minute for up to three times. Also previously, polling automation retries would occur upon the next polling cycles, up to three times. The new logic changes webhook automation retries so there is backoff logic. The first attempt happens after 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes. Three attempts max as before. Polling automation retries now behave like webhook automations. Instead of performing retries upon the next polling cycle, the same backoff logic is used…after 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, finally 15 minutes. Advantages of the new approach include: Webhook failures now get retried over a much longer period of time (max of 30 minutes vs. 3 minutes). Long-duration polling automations or scheduled automations that occurred at specific dates now get immediately retried. For example, if a scheduled automation only ran on a certain day of the month, previously the retries would have waited until the next month.

  4. The admin console’s Native Work Queue screen now display the number of queued retry transactions. These are failed automation transactions awaiting to be automatically retried by the system.

  5. When building an automation and configuring actions, the Save Action button is now disabled if the action has dynamic fields that need to be fetched by clicking the Fetch Data Fields button.

  6. When an automation is saved, its history screen no longer has entries about the automation being turned off and then on from the dashboard.

  7. Added a “fetch single value from SQL select statement” action for both MySQL and SQL Server.

  8. Added a “Data Streams - Convert Action XML to Iterable XML” module and sample assembly. The module formats the XML emitted by the Action module to a format suitable for looping.