V5.85 upgrade 10-15-17

  1. Fixed the “save base-64 encoded value as a temp file” subassembly so it outputs the file URL.

  2. Fixed the “Lookup value in key-value table” Transform Text action so it correctly outputs the mapped value whenever the mapped value itself is within the list of keys.

  3. The “Lookup value in key-value table” Transform Text action now has checkbox settings for case sensitivity and trimming whitespace when comparing the input value to the list of keys.

  4. When a webhook trigger having an initially empty validated field is added to an automation, the editor will no longer immediately execute the webhook assembly and display an error due to the validated input field being empty.

  5. A new “Deploy automations” permission has been added to the system. Accounts with the permission have the “Deploy” menu option visible in the automation editor’s gear menu for automations, allowing automations to be deployed to other accounts in the system.

  6. When viewing an automation’s history screen, when the automation executes the screen now displays progress as the automation executes, including the number of trigger data rows being processed and the action number. E.g., “processing action #3 for trigger data row #4 of 10”.

  7. Fixed an issue with the v2 automation execution engine such that when an action reports an error, the next time the automation is executed for that trigger data row it starts executing at the failed action instead of the next action.

  8. The mouse/trackpad can now be used to select text within field mappings. Dragging text to move it is also now supported.

  9. Fixed an issue when saving triggers with validated settings in the automation editor where when clicking the Save Trigger button a “Validating your entries…” message would appear that never went away.

  10. Fixed the HTML5 assembly editor such that assemblies with modules having “]]>” in any field value can now be saved rather than an XML parsing error being returned by the server.

  11. Field mappings can now be cut and pasted from one automation to another. The pasted fields will always be mapped to the first trigger.

  12. If a trigger is removed from an automation and it it used in any field mappings, a message now appears offering the option to either remove the field mappings or to keep them. If the field mappings are retained, they will be associated to the first trigger in the automation.

  13. Settings for condition in the automation builder are now displayed in a modal dialog rather than in a single tab.

  14. Within condition settings in the automation builder, the first decision logic rule no longer displays the “X” remove icon so it can no longer be deleted, which would create an empty condition.

  15. When saving a two-way sync trigger in the assembly editor, a warning message about the trigger missing a Trigger - Emit New Items module is no longer displayed.

  16. In the automation editor’s history detail page (the one that contains automation log info), a link icon now appears at the top right that links to the page being viewed.

  17. When saving two-way sync trigger webhook assemblies the assembly editor no longer clears out the unique row id data path in the Trigger module.

  18. eKeystone.com has been integrated with a “ship order via drop ship” action.

  19. A Volusion “new drop ship order items” trigger has been integrated.

  20. The assembly editor’s “assembly diagram version” text is no longer overwritten by the right side option menu when the browser window is very narrow.

  21. The “Webhook Queue” screen in the Admin Console has been removed. The information is now displayed in the “Native Work Queue” screen instead.

  22. Automations can now be exported and imported.

  23. On-premise installations can now run polling automations as fast as once a minute.