V5.84 upgrade 9-30-17

  1. Fixed a runtime error with the Trigger - Extract Data Fields module that would occur when the configured input data stream did not exist.

  2. Holding the “option” key while dragging a module in the assembly editor now clones the module.

  3. The assembly editor tips text at the top right of the assembly editor (via the Tips link) has been updated and is no longer clipped on the right side.

  4. The HTTP Multipart POST and OAuth Multipart POST modules now let a filename be specified when uploading a file from a URL. If not specified, the filename is determined as before, from the URL.

  5. If an API call returns an empty response, the data loader modules no longer consider that to be an error and will no longer halt assembly execution.

  6. Added a “Save Base64-encoded value as a file” subassembly.

  7. Added an “upload file from URL” action for Amazon S3.

  8. Fixed the HTML5 scrolled text edit control. The most obvious bug was that when the scrollbar was visible and the text was clicked for the first time, the text would be immediately scrolled to the bottom. Also fixed sizing issues, which most noticeably appeared in yellow Notes within assembly diagrams.

  9. Tooltips are now positioned above elements by default.

  10. When an automation is timed out, a timeout message is now written to the automation’s logs.

  11. Whenever an automation is turned on or off, a message is now written to the automation’s history. This is especially useful when the system automatically turns automations off for various reasons.

  12. Added a “Text Default if Empty” module that will allow values within a data stream to be defaulted to specified values when empty. The primary motivation to build this module is for defaulting action field values.

  13. The System Info module now emits two additional fields, server/tmpDirectory and server/tmpDirectoryURL that contain information about the location of the server’s temporary directory. Script code must use the temporary directory when filesystem storage is needed. The temporary directory and its child directories are purged whenever the system is rebooted.

  14. The System Info module now emits an node instead of a node with trigger and action assembly information. A database migration script converts existing assemblies to use the new data path.

  15. The Trigger Two-Way Sync module now provides two options for determining if items are to be created. The first option is if the created timestamp and last modified timestamp are equal, which is the current behavior of the module. The second option is if the item id does not exist in the database.

  16. Fixed the Extension - Server-Side Script module so that input data having “<%” and “%>” no longer cause the generated Java JSP code to not compile.

  17. Fixed the JSON Builder and JSON Array Builder modules so that certain malformed JSON won’t cause the assembly editor engine to hang.

  18. Fixed an issue with the v2 automation execution engine such that when certain errors occur they aren’t processed by v1 functionality, which later caused a runtime error when the failed transaction was being retried by the v2 engine.

  19. The Emit New Items, Trigger - Emit New Items, and Trigger - Emit New Items (Gated) modules now emit additional debug log information about why identifiers are not being emitted for processing, such as when the trigger is being initialized.

  20. Fixed an issue in the assembly editor where saving a subassembly to an associated app would result in an error message asking for a 16x16 to be selected, preventing the subassembly from being saved even though no 16x16 icon is necessary or can be selected.

  21. Hyperlinks embedded within Action module field help text are now clickable when rendered in the automation editor’s field mappings.

  22. The Trigger Settings and Filters tabbed screens have been combined into a single screen.

  23. The Action Settings and Field Mappings tabbed screens have been combined into a single screen.

  24. The Webhook module now logs a message into the automation debug log when it won’t process the received webhook in the situation where the received webhook assembly instance id doesn’t match the current assembly instance id.

  25. Fixed an issue with the Trigger module such that it can now emit default output fields when configuring in the automation editor.

  26. Browser file upload functionality no longer times out after 30 seconds, which most often just affected uploading individual system upgrade files in the admin console. The timeout is now a “very large value”.

  27. Clicking the “view history” button for inactive automations in the admin console’s automations page no longer returns a “method not found” error.

  28. Webhook triggers now display the webhook URL in the trigger settings in the automation editor. The webhook URL will only appear for newly created webhooks, existing webhook automations cannot display their webhook URL’s.

  29. When the “execute automation” system action is configured to wait for the specified automation to complete, the system now compresses the logs of the executed automation and uploads them to Amazon S3 (if the system is configured to do so). Previously the logs were not available for inspection from the executed automation’s history page.

  30. All screens that have functionality to search for user accounts can now search by both first and last name, rather than just the first name.