Updating deprecated or out of date triggers/actions

When coming across an action, trigger, assembly, etc that contains deprecated modules or references to outdated API versions or something along those lines, how do you recommend getting those updated?

Should we update it and save it ourselves?
Create a copy for our own use and update that?
Request a review of the item in question?

Just curious how this would be best handled.

The reason this came up is I am working with some of the built in salesforce assemblies and noticed they are all API version v32.0 and I require v36 or greater, ideally v45 is the most recent. Also within many of them there are deprecated oauth modules. Some I can use as is but some I need to update at least to a newer API version to be able to read certain objects.

Above everything else, only save copies of baseline assemblies that we have provided!! Otherwise, when we release new versions of baseline assemblies in system upgrades our changes will overwrite yours.

We just happened to totally overhaul the baseline Salesforce assemblies this week in dev.apiant. They will be included in the next release, possibly this weekend. We did not use their v45 API b/c it seems to make no difference. I don’t think Salesforce ever disables an old API version. We will try changing it to see if it still works or not. If works ok, will use their latest version.

By themselves, deprecated modules and assemblies will continue to work. The only thing that will break integrations, besides possible mistakes on our part in system upgrades with the system’s plumbing, is when the API itself changes behavior.

Usually when we deprecate an assembly we provide a new version of it.

If a baseline assembly doesn’t work, contact us here on the forum first about it. We will help figure out a course of action.

For my example I need to run the updated API version because some object only became available after v36. We need to query on workorder which is not availabe on v32. Since the module is build with v32 it wont recognize the new object.

That is what led me down this path

If possible I would wait until the next release is installed on your system, which will hopefully be this weekend.

If we find we can’t upgrade to their v45 API, I will let you know here. Will test their v45 API later today.

If you can’t wait for the next release, then make a copy of a suitable baseline assembly.

Thanks Robert

So for future, if I find another instance of something like this is it recommended to create a copy and use that or to notify you and request a review of it?

For baseline assemblies issues I would always post here on the forum about it first.

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