Trigger values not carrying through automation

I have an automation in place that is reading a csv file and performing actions for each row.
There are a handful of conditions based on the data. One of them is comparing two values and depending on the relation sends one direction or the other.

I have this working fine in one automation. I needed to duplicate it with a few value changes for the same client for a different part of their company.

So I copied the automation, made the few changes, and now that condition does not want to work properly. Here is the section from the log that i can see the applyAmt coming through but not the paymentAmt

You see in the second condition it says the trigger data is not is currently being processed so data field is not available

Any idea what would cause this? Nothing changed with the automation except values, same assemblies were used throughout.


Here is the relevant error:

You will need to re-map that field.

so just remove the mapping and reapply? thats it?

Yep, that should fix it. It has an erroneous reference to the trigger from the original automation.

gotcha. just out of curiousity, why would it only affect that field and not all the trigger fields?
both apply and payment are from the trigger but only payment was failing.

Seemingly an issue with the automation copy logic, will try to reproduce and fix.

seems to be another issue caused from that.

now the original and copied automations are all having the same error on a particular assembly

Error reported while executing “Action #2.F.1.T.1 (Sage Intacct - Modernistic - Create Other Receipt (one line))”: javax.script.ScriptException: :1:700 Expected ; but found )var objInfo = {assembly_instance_uuid: ‘51f1018147ac4cb18257ece2f1645f82’,assembly_uuid: ‘5033c25a1d8142828214839adaca7543’,automationId: 120,automation_uuid: ‘535ffb1a202f4dfa8fab05f367c31891’,isInAssemblyEditor: false,isInAutomationEditor: false,isInConnectionManager: false,isInWidgetEditor: false,isInWebtop: false,isOnServer: true,isProtected: false,isNestedModule: false,person_uuid: ‘2f5972e4272b43b380ea5420dba023b7’,service_account_name: ‘LBK LTD’,service_uuid: ‘2ed7ef66a3c44fef887ec3985da9b7fc’,tenant_uuid: ‘’,tz_offset: -18000000,};function replace(text,c1,c2){if (text != null && typeof(text) == “string”){var arr = text.split(c1);return arr.join(c2);}else{return text;}};var locID = “”); ^ in at line number 1 at column number 700

This message was from the original automation

Hi Robert. Do you have any updates on this? Do i just need to recreate each automation from scratch?

Hi Brent,

That syntax error seems to be something wrong in your implementation.

I won’t be able to help with the issue of copying the automation in the near future, so you will need to make any needed fixes manually.