Trigger emit new items vs trigger unique row identifier

I have a case where I am reading records and then combining them based of certain date/customer.

might have records 1,2,3,4,5 and after combined it becomes two records (1/3 and 2/4/5).

To handle only picking up records that havent been processed, the emit new items module is early in the trigger. then after it, the combination happens. because of that, the original unique value isnt a viable option for the unique row identifier on the trigger output.

what do you recommend for handling this? After the combination I do have a unique value for that combined record but it isnt relevent to the original unique value in the emit new items. If I use the new unique value i get an warning message when attempting to save

You need to combine the records first. Then create a unique id for the combined records. Something as simple as concatenating each record id into one (but would have to be done in the same order every time). Then feed that combined record unique id into the Trigger - Emit New Items module and also use that combined record id in the Trigger module. Then the warning should not appear when saving.

The problem there is that value will not exclude individual records.

say i have records 1, 2, 3. that creates id 123

then later that day it runs and finds records 1, 2, 3, 4. now the id is 1234 and they all run when in reality I only want 4 since the first 3 were already processed

Normally I would write back something to the original record saying it was used but this is a read only connection.

The trigger mechanism is designed around 1 input record and 1 output record, with each record having a unique id.

So if each record is to be processed only once then from the trigger’s point of view each record has to be separate.