Trigger emit items module placement

I have a trigger that is pulling records, doing some additional lookups/cleanup/processing, then it goes through the emit new items. I would prefer to only do that processing on new items but if i move the emit new items module up higher to just before the query i get an error when saving because the unique identifier of the emit new items and trigger module no longer matches (they still contain the same data, just a different node now). If I override the error and save anyways, will the emit new items module still process correctly?

for reference, assembly f8d1c009985b4da58e0ed04766cceb08

It is just a helpful warning, b/c in many cases it represents an implementation error.

Will work ok so long as the data values pointed to by the different xpaths match.

the values do match. it is a single integer field that is being used for the record id and later down the in the processing it is just being moved to another field with a new name. same data though.

Then will work ok. We have similar situations in our own assemblies.

awesome. just wanted to make sure. thanks