Transform text - Generate CSV

I can see the action for generate CSV under transform text. Am I correct that this only converts the text to csv format but doesn’t write it to a file? If so, what would be the best way after that to write it to a file to be emailed out?

That is correct, the CSV action under Transform Text just emits a string value.

I can provide you with an action to write a string value to a temp file. This action will return a URL to the temp file on the server.

WIll let you know when done. Should be later tonight or tomorrow.

Hi Brent,

I have added a “File” app to the avt-connect system that has a single action “Text to Temporary File” that will write the specified text string to a temp file on the server and return the URL to the temp file that can then be passed to email actions as an attachment.

Let me know if it works or not for what you need.

That works well. thanks

appreciate the help