System Request - window auto sizing

Idea/request that I know would come in handy for me.

I dont know how many people deal with this like I do but I frequently have to move from work to home and vice versa. When I do I connect to different size screens. When I am working on my 21:9 monitor and move to a regular 16:9 it causes issues with vieing anything on the stream inspector. I will have to manually drag the window over to get to the corner to resize. sometimes if I go from a 4k monitor to a standard hd, the size controls on the stream inspector window will be so far I cannot get to them.

What I would recommend is having the the stream inspector window (or any like it) to autosize to say 90% of the available screen. This would allow the user to view as much data as possible without having to constantly resize the window and it would keep the controls on the screen so you dont have to go searching for them.

Just a thought. Thanks

Hi Brent,

I have patched your AVT system with fixes for the window behaviors you described.

Clear your browser cache and reload the editors to get the patch.

Let me know if the changes help or not!