System request - storing modified tabs in a session

Less of an actual request and more of just an idea that i think would be helpful and convenient.

  1. storing all the tabs you had open in a session of sorts, so when you come back it will reopen all those tabs where you were.
  2. same idea but only the modified tabs.

The reason for this is often i will be working on multiple things for multiple clients, have many assemblies open. I will walk away and come back and windows in its infinite wisdom decided it was time to update/restart and now i lost what i was working on. I know the information is saved for each assembly but then i need to remember what i was working on too.

I just think having your open tabs or anything in a modified state to open automatically when opening the assembly editor would be a very convenient thing.

Wonderful idea, will add it into the next release!

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Hi Brent,

Your system has been patched so that the assembly editor will now save its session and prompt to restore it when it loads.

Clear your browser cache and reload the assembly editor to get the patch.

Let us know if it doesn’t work as needed,


Hi Robert,

One thing i have noticed is the session autoloads before you ever get a chance to answer if you want it to or not. then regardless of if you say yes/no, everything is already there.

Strange, is working ok for me. Are you loading the assembly editor in a new browser tab while being signed in? Trying to understand the scenario so I can reproduce.

just when opening it in general. i can retry again later to reproduce and confirm. it isnt a huge issue, just noticed it loads before getting an answer if it should or not.

here is an example of what i mean. windows ran an update and when it turned it on in the morning, opened apiant, it automatically loaded the tabs behind the popup asking if i wanted to restore session.

this happens on both servers we have btw

Hmm, will try to figure out how that is happening.


I think I have tracked down the issue.

Have patched both your systems. Clear your browser cache and reload the assembly editor to get the patch.

Let us know if the problem still isn’t fixed.