System Request - Display assembly notes

When editing/creating an automation, you can add notes to a step which are displayed on the map view.

If you then go into a step and want to map a field from one of the previous steps, it doesnt show the notes.

For example, if you used multiple transform data and wanted to pick a particular one, you would have to know which one it is ahead of time. If you see below, I know it is the second step but if I had multiple in a row, it would be much easier if I could also see the notes added somewhere to the view. It would make it much easier in selecting the proper fields.

side note, i think it could also be beneficial to be able to edit the notes from the “edit this items settings” screen. have the notes in the header.

Both just thoughts that i think would improve the functionality of it all.

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Hi Brent,

Great idea, will try to add this to the next system release!


Hi Brent,

Your suggested functionality has been implemented and will be in the next release:

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Great. For future reference, should we post ideas like this on the forum or is there another avenue for that?

You are welcome to post them here on the forum, or via email to, thanks!