System - execute automation - credentials

I have an automation that uses 10 or so distinct sets of credentials for each of its companies. I was looking to use a parent automation to call the child 10 times with each of the credentials set for every iteration. Is there a way to pass the credentials you want to use or select them from a drop down in the execute automation call? could it be passed by payload and picked up in the trigger? Not the actual credentials but the value/name they are saved as (if that all makes sense).

IF not, is my only solution to save 10 versions of the same automation with a different set of credentials?

Enable the setting to show Service Account fields. Then you can wire in parameters that pass in the connected account names into modules that operate using connections like the service credentials module and the OAuth module:

So to invoke another automation and tell it which connection to use, just pass it the name of the connection. Then build actions in that child automation with a mappable input field to accept the connection name. Then use that name in service account fields for modules that use connections.