Storing config file

Im sure there is a way to do this but i thought it would be easier to just ask.

I will be working on an automation soon that will require a large configuration/mapping file that will be used within the automation to map data to specific GL accounts. Pretty much a large reference table.

Ideally I would like to be able to import/export that table to make changes easily. Is there somewhere I can store a file like that in apiant and be able to reference within an automation or do I simply need to store it as a large text value and make my changes within the editor?

We’ve done similar integrations using an online spreadsheet. Makes it easy to maintain the lookup data.

In the past we used Google Sheets, but I don’t recommend that any more due to v3 being shut down soon. See here.

We removed our Google Sheets v3 integration. We will not support the Google Sheets v4 API. Smartsheet is recommended instead.

Other approaches are to store the mapping file in a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Then the assembly fetches and parses the file to obtain the mapping info.

Similarly, store the file on a FTP server you have access to.

Yet another approach is to use these modules to store CSV, Excel, XML files locally on the server:

The main advantage of using Smartsheet vs. other approaches is that you get a pleasant web-based UI to maintain the mapping info.

thanks. that should work. appreciate it

So if I use the file - csv module, i should be able to upload a csv file there and in turn when i need it, i assume it provides a URL to download the file for use in an assembly or auto parses it into xml or something.

I ask because I am attempting to use it and i can upload the file but then when i try to do anything i receive a 500 error. Not sure what is going on.

I can provide screen shots if that helps.

Hmm, I also get a 500 error from that module. Will troubleshoot and let you know when fixed.

Hi Brent,

Have patched your system so the File - CSV module works.

Clear your browser cache and reload the assembly editor to get the patch.