Setting default value in an action

I am working on an automation that at the end it sends a summary of the data to a sql database. Sometimes a field or two have values and other times they are blank. When some of the fields are blank it will cause issues with the sql call causing it to fail.

What I am looking to find is if there is a way to default the value going to an action where the input is blank or null. But if there is a value passed, it uses that value.

I know I can use the transform data script to say if blank use XXX but then i would have to do that for each value which could get extraneous. I was hoping to find a way to say for any field, if it is blank/etc to use XXX. (XXX is just a random value that i would insert as the default)

Indeed, there is a module that can used for this scenario to make it easier to default empty action input fields:

that would work great. Is there an equivalent action for doing that directly on the automation editor as well or only an assembly module?

No, but you can build your own using that module.

how would you pass through the functionality of making it dynamic in adding as many rows as needed to the action? in the module you can keep adding rows with the plus. Not sure how you would do that with the action though.

You can’t make an action work like that. Can only hardcode a certain number of input fields.

that is what i thought, just making sure i wasnt missing anything